HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a damn stunning reveal on “General Hospital.” I had been wondering for quite some time who was Esme Prince’s mother on “GH,” after a few weeks back we learned that her father was none other than serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, but I never expected this. I mean on Thursday, May 12, the soap dropped the biggest bomb of all when they revealed Esme’s mother.

I had suspicions that it might have bene a fluke of a character, who was the Esme’s mommy, but not in a million years did I believe Felicia Scorpio was the culprit. Talk about my jaw-dropping because it literally did. At first I was attempting to process that flashback of Felicia fighting with Ryan as he talked about Esme’s mother (she obviously has no idea people), but then I put the pieces of the puzzle together and confirmed what I suspected: Felicia is indeed Esme’s mother, but how?

Yeah, the writers are about to do some revisionist history similar to what they did with Anna Devane. I mean we all suspected that she was Peter August’s mother, but later discovered it was Anna’s twin sister, Alex. The flashback didn’t reveal those details yet, but I have reason to believe Ryan during one of his many moments of stalking and terrorizing Felicia, drugged her, stole one of her eggs and impregnated that egg with his sperm to get his daughter.

This cannot be a coincidence considering Kristina Wagner has suddenly reappeared on the canvas and this is about to be one stunning tale people. Why? Esme is a terrific villain people, so I suspect a redemption arc is coming into play in the coming months when Esme is finally exposed and the truth about her parentage is unearthed people. I mean can you imagine how Felicia will react to the truth coming to light. I mean talk about a lot of shocked people.

Maxie is going to discover she has another sister. Not to mention, Felicia coming to grips she has a daughter who has performed all sorts of wicked stunts and she had no idea. Worst of all is the revelation that Ryan Chamberlain is Esme’s father and has been working behind the scenes for months to get their daughter to blow up Nikolas and Ava’s marriage. Esme is on the cusp of being exposed after Spencer found those pills and got confirmation from Britt what the pills do. Yeah, Spencer knows NOW that Esme was responsible for taping Cameron and Josslyn, however, her plan to seduce his father is going to be explosive. It is literally going to destroy any chance of reconciliation for Spencer and Nikolas, and Ava is going to be out for blood when it occurs people. Esme should watch out as Sam McCall is about to go hunting for Maggie Fitzgerald and we know Sam is likely to locate this person and uncover some secrets along the way people.

Gosh, I am so giddy with the thoughts of all the mayhem that is going to erupt once the truth comes out. How Esme is finally exposed? How Felicia will react to discovering she has another daughter? How Esme will react to learning who her mother is? Maxie meeting her sister and Esme learning she has nieces and a nephew people? What Ryan has in store for his revenge against Ava and Felicia because I feel blood may be spilled and it might be a heartbreaker for fans people. Something tells me November Sweeps will be epic on “General Hospital.” The problem is that is more than 6 months away!