UNITED STATES—A big day in the sports arena is about to transpire America. That’s right, fight night is here because Saturday, August 26 is the day Floyd Mayweather will do battle against Conor McGregor. Las Vegas, Nevada will indeed be the place to be this weekend, if you’re able to book a hotel room and if you’re one of those lucky ones who was able to nab a ticket to perhaps the biggest fight of all time if you ask me.

There has been plenty of smack talk between both Mayweather and McGregor. Both have big egos, both have proven their capabilities in the ring (boxing for Floyd, MMA for McGregor). So the only question left to ask is rather the fight will be as great as all the hype that it is receiving? Hmm, I’m not so certain. Why? Well last time a highly touted fight took place, that was a few years ago between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

That was a fight I was this close to actually paying for via Pay Per View, but I’m SO GLAD I didn’t. Why? It was a major disappointment, and didn’t come close to living up to any of the pre-fight hype that was all over social media and the TV stations America. In the aftermath, both Pacquiao and Mayweather made millions, plenty of Americans wasted about 1-2 hours of their time, and to make the situation worse, it was a fight that wasn’t really a fight to begin with.

So some might say this is thanks to Mayweather who seemed to dance around the boxing ring most of the time. And to be honest I would have to agree; he’s a technical boxer and he knows precisely what he is doing when it comes to battling an opponent. So if this fight happens to endure the same outcome, the fingers might be pointed at Mayweather yet again. However, this is no ordinary fight because Floyd had technically retired and for him to step back into the ring thanks to countless taunts by McGregor means, he is aiming to prove something.

Now this is where things are quite interesting in my opinion; McGregor is an MMA fighter, he is not a trained boxer. So it’s a different element than what he normally does in the ring, because he has no limitations on what can or cannot be done in most cases. Whereas with boxing, there is quite a bit you can’t do in the ring. Kicking is one of those things America. I think the question most Americans are asking themselves is precisely how McGregor and Mayweather will adjust in regards to their respective fighting styles to trick up or gain the upper hand against their opponent.

Will the pacing of the boxing match intensify, will it slow down? Will both go for more blows to the face and head or to the body to wear and tear down their opponent? Ok, so we’ve talked a ton about the opponents, what about those who will be watching: US! Yes, it will be an event America, people will be hosting parties, the bars will be packed, and there will be so many people just wanting to participate in what they expect to be an iconic fight. I mean wouldn’t you hate to be at work or a gathering on Sunday and have no idea what the water cooler conversation of the day is all about?

Trust me you don’t want to be left out of the loop. If you’re not planning to host the fight, purchase the fight, you might want to buddy up to someone who is so you can indulge in what seems to be a trend in America: major sporting events bring people together in ways that nothing else can. Comradery matters too many people, and this fight which I honestly would call one of the greats of the century (especially in my lifetime) will be worth watching!