UNITED STATES−A billboard in Times Square, created by filmmaker Eugene Jarecki is keeping a tally of reported deaths caused by the coronavirus. Jarecki blames President Donald Trump for the spread of the virus which he says was caused by, “President Trump’s inaction.”

Eugene Jarecki.

China stands accused of waiting to inform the United States about the seriousness of the virus. President Trump was criticized for banning travel too quickly, while questions were posed to the House Intelligence Committee who failed to act in time to deter the spread of the virus.


Jarecki sites CNN and the Washington Post on his website, trumpdeathclock.com to calculate the number of COVID deaths.

According to Jarecki, President Trump knew of the virus in January 2020, but did not act on it until March 16. He cites epidemiologists as saying if President Trump acted one week sooner, 60 percent of COVID-19 deaths could have been avoided.

First reports from the Chinese government immerged on December 31, 2019. From January 6-8, the Center for Disease Control issued a travel warning. On January 16, the CDC announced screenings of passengers arriving from China.

On January 21, the first confirmed case of coronavirus was confirmed by an individual traveling from China to the state of Washington.

On January 29, the Coronavirus Task Force was established by President Trump who stated, “that coordinates and oversees the administrative efforts to monitor, prevent contain, and mitigate the spread.”

On January 31, President Trump issued an Executive Order banning all travel from individuals who visited China.

On February 26, President Trump named Vice President Mike Pence Chairman of the Coronavirus Task Force, and on February 29, first documentation of the spread of the virus was made public.

On March 11, the POTUS issued a travel ban of individuals traveling from Europe, while meeting with bankers to discuss financial assistance during the quarantine. A National Emergency was declared on March 13, and citizens were encouraged to stay-at-home to stop the spread on March 17.

On April 28, President Trump’s held a briefing on supporting small businesses with the paycheck protection plan. President Trump and VP Mike Pence conducted a round table with industry executives to discuss reopening the economy on April 29.

Additional dates and times of actions taken by The White House related to the coronavirus can be found at the www.whitehouse.com.