SANTA MONICA—On Thursday, June 25, the Santa Monica Fire Department announced via Twitter for residents to take certain precautions when parking during the summer season, to prevent a wildfire hazard.

The post was a retweet from the Smokey Bear account, the U.S. Forest service icon. The SMFD warns against parking in long dry grass. They warn to not do it even if all other parking spots are already full because it poses a wildfire hazard.

When driving, the undercarriage of a vehicle heats up, as the tweet explains. The heat remains after a vehicle is turned off. The heat emitted from the undercarriage has the potential to spark fire on the dried grass, creating a possible wildfire hazard.

The Smokey Bear Twitter account contains tips for preventing wildfire hazards in the outdoors. For more information on keeping the outdoors safe, residents are invited to visit the information website.