SHERMAN OAKS—The Los Angeles Fire Department were called to the 3900 block of Woodcliff Road, located above Valley Vista and Sepulveda Boulevards at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday, May 9.

Officials say a hit-and-run driver crashed into a fire hydrant causing flooding and water to burst 100 feet in the air. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power were sent to the scene to shut off the water as it was coming into contact with powerlines.

A nearby backyard and basement office were flooded as a result of the incident. Other homes in the area were damaged. A car was damaged as the garage where it was parked flooded.

“We did have some hillside erosion from the water flow. We do have building and safety en route to this location, and they will determine if that erosion will affect the structures here,” said LAPD Battalion Chief Logan Fields.

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety were contacted to access any potential damage the water caused to the nearby hillside.

Anyone with information about the hit-and-run driver is asked to contact the Los Angeles Police Department. No details on the driver or the vehicle model and make have been disclosed to the public.