MALIBU—A trapped dog was safely rescued from the bottom of a 30-foot well by Los Angeles County firefighters after a two-hour struggle in the Malibu’s Escondido Canyon Park, in the Santa Monica Mountains on Sunday, April 2.

The dog, Lucy, a 13-year-old Welsh Terrier had been hiking in the dirt trail near the 27200 block of Winding Way, south of Latigo Canyon Road with her owners when she fell into the well just before noon.

“They were walking in a trail when the dog stepped onto a well, about 30-foot, and fell inside,” said Fire Captain Keith Mora of the LA County Fire Department to Canyon News.

Mora informed Canyon News that it took 2 hours of rescue work from the Urban Search and Rescue team to bring Lucy to safety.

The Urban Search and Rescue team set up a rope which enabled the firefighters to lower themselves into the hole, which was 2 feet wide at the bottom, to bring Lucy to safety.

“It was a confined space as it was a small well,” said Mora to Canyon News detailing the struggles involved in the rescue operation. “We had to get a person inside to strap the dog and at the same time keep her calm.”

Mora indicated that Lucy had minor bruises and scrapes when she was bought to rescue and was treated by a veterinarian immediately at the scene.