WEST HOLLYWOOD—The first legal cannabis restaurant and lounge opened in the city of West Hollywood on Tuesday, October 1. Seven more are expected to open in the region in the coming months. Lowell Café opened Tuesday attracting locals and visitors to the restaurant. Cannabis card owners and patrons must be 21 years old to gain entry into the establishment.

The restaurant and lounge offers an assortment of chocolates, gummy edibles already packaged, a variety of flavor strains for the cannabis consumer are available. Lowell Café also allow rentals for pipes, and flower hosts will roll a joint for patrons if requested.

The Cannabis Flower host is knowledgeable in all areas of cannabis and the General Manager is Lilly Estanislao. The atmosphere of the restaurant and lounge has been designed to be warm and inviting, and calming for the cannabis consumer’s experience.

Lowell Café supplies dabs and bongs and has a Le Cordon Blue Chef, by the name of Andrea Drummer whose menu was created to attract and intensify the taste buds of visitors. Such offerings include fried chicken, burgers, macaroni and cheese bites, and healthy salads are also available. Cannabis-infused foods by law are not allowed on the menu.

Lowell Café is located at 1201 North La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood, CA 90038 and is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. For inquiries call 323.975.7676 or email info@lowellcafe.com.

Written By Anita Brown and Casey Jacobs