SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, October 31, five people were killed and several others were wounded while at a Halloween party hosted at an Airbnb rental in Northern California.

The victims have been identified as Javin County, 29, Ramon Hill Jr. 23, Omar Taylor, 24, Tiyon Farley, 22 and Oshiana Tompkins, 19. Tompkins died on November 1 from her injuries.

Shortly after 9 p.m. neighbors began making calls to police complaining about the noise from the party. At 10:45 that evening police were dispatched after reports of gunshots were made. Many were seen fleeing the home as police arrived.

The home was advertised by the owner on Airbnb and rented by a female who indicated that she was hosting a family reunion. She said that some of her family members were suffering from a breathing illness. The renter wanted to host the reunion in an area that was free from the wildfire smoke.

The owner of the four bedroom home in the suburb of Orinda indicated that he notified the woman renting the property that no parties were allowed. The homeowner used a door-bell camera to confirm that a party was being held at the property. Orinda police indicate that the party drew about 100 guests when the home’s maximum occupancy was 13.

The CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky announced November 2, that the company will be banning “party houses,” that they are investigating the incident and will maintain high-risk screening on renters. Authorities have not made any arrest in connection to the fatal shooting. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the police.

Written by Christianne McCormick and Anita Brown