UNITED STATES—Do student’s violate academic ethics by seeking essay writing services? The purpose of essay writing is defeated, when someone writes for you, an essay that was meant to evaluate how well or pure you are performing. The curious question is why students resort to such when they are capable of doing the assignments themselves. It is alarming how students are ready to pay, and it is due to the following reasons.

  • Laziness
  • Lack of time
  • Pressure to graduate
  • English as a second language
  • Fear of being left out

Essay writing services compliment lazy students

The truth is that students arrive at institutions of higher learning with feeble writing skills academically. A lot of effort and patience is required on the part of the student to achieve excellence. However, students are too lazy to train and perfect the art of academic writing. Essay writing services promote laziness because they make things easy compared to the past, where students had to work on their assignments. Why would I hustle to come up with a unique creative content when a professional can write an essay for me? That is the question on the student’s mind. Lazy students wait too long to start assignments only for them to realize the deadline is nearing searching for alternatives. They do not seek to tackle challenging tasks so that they can learn from them but quickly hand them over to essay writing services. These students typically forget about assignments and start scrambling when their peers remind them of the due dates. Laziness nourishes the essay writing market, and a little more effort on the part of the student will go a long way in reducing and eradicating cheating. Critical and creative thinking is essential in learning and development.

Stakes are very high when it comes to graduating at the end of your academic life. The pressure to get good grades influences decisions to incorporate the essay writing service. Since grades are the ultimate measure for academic excellence, people do all they can, including cheating and graduate to please their families and society. However, each time they seek these services, they deprive themselves of vital chances to improve their academic and life skills. The bigger picture is nowadays a mirage, and students are continually working hard to beat the system. These students end up carrying forward their cheating to masters and doctrine program. They still look for people to do their thesis for them, even in an environment where your educational experience should apply. There is the existence of companies such as Canadian essay writing service EduJungles offering affordable writing services. For professionals who are busy, these services might come in handy, but for students, it continues to destroy their academic lives.

Working students have little to no time to write their assignment

Working students have little to no time to write and submit assignments under the stipulated deadline.  The enormous amount of course work coupled with a considerable workload can be hefty for a student who is also working to pay for tuition fees. Striking a balance between the two is very complicated, resulting in students delegating some schoolwork to essay- help services. So many university students, especially foreign ones, have to work part-time to pay their daily bills. However, some who have no extra help work fulltime and still have to pay attention to studying, which is the primary goal. They can relieve the stress of long working hours, classes, assignments, and research papers by ordering the content online and paying for them. The homework writing service is efficient, especially with substantial workloads, are tight deadlines, couples with examinations.

Non-native students have a rough time producing quality work

For students who speak English as a second language, it is a struggle coming up with a grade-worthy essay. These students, with most being foreigners, have a lot to lose if they attain lower grades compared to local students. Some are on scholarships that are in constant threat when there are continuous academic failures. They resort to essay writing services to safeguard the investment by parents and well-wisher to take them to school. Non-native speakers of the English language have poor command because no matter how they learn, they can never be as competent as students who have encountered English as the first language. The online writing service is essential for a non-native to compete fairly with their counterparts.

Outsourcing of content using essay writing service is no different from doping. When an athlete cheats the system and gets away with it, others tend to follow suit. Others follow in the footsteps because they do not want to miss the medal standings. The logic is that “may the best doper win, and this also applies to the topic at hand. Students have fear submitting their original work because it cannot stand a chance against those crafted by professional writers. Students are brainwashed into thinking that the only way to keep up with the trend is by joining the market. Ordering essays online affects the student’s ability to write by themselves and, consequently, the capability to learn. Peer influence is the main contributor to the increasing use of essay writing services. Students learn about the sites from others who have already tried them out and buy pre-written essays. It almost sounds like a completion where the best articles from the best site win.

Conclusively, the reason why students resolve to delegate their essay writing to paid writers is unique to each one. Some have valid reasons, while others depict laziness. Working students and those having difficulties with the English language can consider his service only if they take time to improve themselves. Those who are lazy succumb to influence others to be competitive.  These are the main reason why essay-writing services are dominating the academic world. Time will tell whether this will remain a norm or if the education system will change to cab this rising vise.