UNITED STATES—An Emory University study found that people who dated for at least three years before tying the knot are less likely to end up divorced.

Did you make it past the beginning of your new relationship where everything seems perfect and start to see some flaws in the person you’re dating? Are you seeing some warning signs of a bad girlfriend? What makes a bad girlfriend?

If you are wondering if your girlfriend might not be for you, we can help you figure it out or you can try new dating. Keep reading to learn some of the reasons she might not be “the one”.

She’s Controlling

Does your girlfriend want to know where you are, who you’re with, have access to your phone, and tell you with whom you can and cannot associate? Controlling behavior is the precursor to abusive behavior.

If she wants to make all of the decisions and call all the shots, life is not going to be pleasant for you. You deserve a partner who respects you enough to trust that you can run your own life.

She Doesn’t Like Your Friends and the Feeling is Mutual

Does your girlfriend dislike your friends to the point where she won’t even let you hang out with them? Do your friends not care for her either? A lot of times your friends are better judges than you are. They might see something you’re not seeing because you’re looking through “rose-colored glasses”.

She’s Too Clingy

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s nice to want to be together all the time. It’s the honeymoon phase. If it has turned into her not wanting to do anything without you and not wanting you to do anything without her, it’s a problem.

She is Not There for You

Are you dating a woman who expects you to be her shoulder to cry on, to help her when she needs you, and to do favors for her, but when you need her, she does not come through for you?

A one-sided relationship will get old after a while. When looking for girlfriend, you want an equal partner, someone who is there for you the way you’re there for her.

She is Trying to Change You

Does she try to pick out your clothes? Does she force her opinions on you? Are you changing your values to align with hers?

If you feel that you need to change who you are in order to please her, you’ll never be able to be yourself. You’ll have to be careful of everything you say and do if you are trying to be someone you’re not.

Did you see the warning signs of your bad girlfriend?