HOLLYWOOD—Man, “The Bold and the Beautiful” sure knows how to give viewers a potential heart-attack. At first I thought Flo Fulton was just a catalyst to the baby swap story, however, her presence in Los Angeles is far bigger than what any of us ever expected. Why? Well, Flo’s mom, Shauna portrayed with ferocity by actress Denise Richards flew into town to bond with her pal Quinn, and dropped a truth that shook everyone. That she knows Bill Spencer!

Yes, the audience was left with the thought that Bill could have ANOTHER child out there he had no idea about. So we were entering some treacherous waters where Flo and Wyatt could potentially be brother and sister. Yeah, I honestly thought for a second that was the direction the soap was headed, but they delivered a curve ball at the final moment that was slightly stunning.

Let me just deliver a tip to soap fans, if you ever have an episode where a character from the past just suddenly comes up out of the blue, it’s a hint for further things to come. Katie, Donna and Brooke had all been thinking about their brother Storm Logan. For those who don’t remember Storm, he did something epic on the soap when he took his own life so that his sister Katie, who was on her deathbed, could have his heart. It was indeed one of the most heart-tugging moments in soap history next to the “General Hospital” tearjerker involving B.J.

Apologies for the digression, just wanted to give a bit of a backstory for those out of the loop. Wyatt helped Flo take a DNA test as she was curious to learn about her father, who Shauna has been tight-lipped by. When Shauna learned that Wyatt’s dad was Bill, she went into panic mode; yeah, we all realized Bill could have a daughter, and Wyatt could have shared more than a few smooches with his sister.

When Shauna, Quinn and Bill dropped the bomb on Wyatt he was near sick to his stomach, however, here comes a twist. The DNA revealed that Flo has no ties to the Spencer clan, but she is linked to the Logan family. Yes, Storm is Flo’s father and that makes Hope her cousin! Yeah, this is the story that just keeps on giving. Why? Flo was in the midst of telling her cousin the truth about Beth, when she learned her connection to Hope is more than the secret she has been keeping. It left Flo and Hope speechless, and now I really sense this baby truth will not be exposed anytime soon.

Brooke, Katie and Donna were ecstatic to know they have a tie to their late brother, but how will they all react when they learn that Flo is the one responsible for conspiring with Reese to make Hope think her baby was dead. At first I thought they’d hate her, but now, this paternity bombshell changes it all. Flo found herself in a dicey situation when Shauna heard she was pregnant and gave up a child for adoption.

That news left Shauna shooting down the possibility of her daughter ever being pregnant, which only left Hope, Brooke, Katie and Donna wondering why Flo would fail to disclose those details to her mother. Shauna wanted answers and it looks like we’re getting closer to the truth. Why? Flo spilled the entire dirty truth to her mother, who was left aghast to learn that she passed off her cousin’s child as her own and that baby is still very much alive. Yeah, Zoe should be scared and so should Reese because the truth is about to come out, sooner than later.

The question now is what will Shauna do with this information because the cat is now out of the bag, so Reese and Zoe’s notion of keeping things tight-lipped just got significantly harder. Not to mention Steffy and Taylor coming to terms with that revelation. This little secret about Flo’s true heritage changes everything.