WASHINGTON–The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Wednesday, June 10. George Floyd’s brother and the officer Dave Patrick Underwood’s sister testified on policing reform and social injustice.


George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd gave a statement before the House Judiciary Committee. He said people of all backgrounds, genders, and races have come together to demand change. “Honor them, honor George, and make the necessary changes that make law enforcement the solution ― and not the problem. Hold them accountable when they do something wrong. Teach them what it means to treat people with empathy and respect. Teach them what necessary force is. Teach them that deadly force should only be used rarely and only when life is at risk.”


“The officers involved should be brought to justice and held accountable for their actions or as well as their inaction. I wish that same justice for my brother Patrick who served with distinction and honor as a federal officer for the Department of Homeland Security until he was murdered anonymously by blind violence on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in Oakland, California,” said Underwood’s sister, Angela Underwood Jacobs. “Fear, hatred, ignorance, and blind violence smashed the life of my brother Patrick from all of us.”


Underwood Jacobs expressed her sympathy and condolences to George Floyd’s family and said, “when those in the position of authority choose to abuse their power, that is the very definition of oppression. When innocent people are harmed in the name of justice, no one prevails.”