UNITED STATES─Food it is the one thing that we all must have to keep moving. Food is an essential need, without it you cannot live people. However, there are food items that are good for the body and others not so much. With that said, I have recently had a food refuel. Why? I’ve been sick lately, to the point where I’ve had several visits to the doctor and it has just put me into a mindset where I know I have to fully change my eating habits and what I consume.

I am someone who tries to eat healthy all the time, but just like most Americans we all have habits. I am someone who is a lover of cake. I like decadence, but I don’t need it all the time, but once in a while it is such a treat. However, we all know sugar is not good for the body, and you have to leave those items alone or keep it to minimum. With that said, I’ve had a serious overhaul of the foods in the fridge and the cabinets. I’ve always wanted to go vegan and now I think I’m fully on track with that because I love fruits and veggies and I’m not the biggest fan of seafood or red meat.

To be honest I don’t eat seafood now, and haven’t in the past year, red meat I know I can only eat in moderation, and when it comes to pork, I’m not the best fan of it. I will eat it, but I tend to do it only eat it if it’s grilled. Chicken I adore, but I cannot eat it every day, and when it comes to turkey I have to eat it in moderation as well. I need protein in my life,  such as bone broth, you can find more about its properties in this article from Serenity Kids.  but there are plenty of options to get protein in my life. With that said, this quarantine has helped me get creative in the kitchen.

What does that mean? It means I’m playing more with fruits and veggies and incorporating them in ways that I thought was not possible, but I’ve come to discern, flavor is everything when it comes to any food that you eat. I can still eat dairy, I will still eat cheese, I’m not going full-blown vegan where I’m not eating anything that comes from an animal, but I’ll let it be a slow trend. The more and more comfortable I get with being a pure vegan the stronger the likelihood it’ll become a habit for me. It will be a lifestyle that I will keep permanent.

Already I no longer consume carbonated drinks, especially soda people. I know people think it is ok, if you have a diet coke, but it’s still sugar in those drinks and you run into a situation where it impacts one’s health a lot more than often. In addition, no more sugary juices or drinks, I just don’t need those items. I can drink water, add a lemon, a lime or a piece of fruit and still have something tasty. I also like drinking milk, and if I want tea, I’ll go for a tea with honey or agave, something natural and not processed to sweeten the taste.

Also I’m a juicer, I love a fresh juice rather its veggies, fruits or a combination of both, that is an opportunity to get my daily consumption of fruits and veggies and have a satisfying drink at the same time. I mean fruit is naturally sweet, veggies we have to have and many of us don’t like so when you juice it sometimes takes that harshness or undesiring taste and makes it palatable. I love plain yogurt and if you take fresh fruit and chop it, it just helps the taste that much more. There is no reason to purchase yogurt with fruit blended when you can do it yourself people.

Candy people, it’s a think of the past and when it comes to fast-food I’ve made it a personal mission to distance myself from it. Yes, I want it, but you just have to remind yourself: is this something I actually need. Do I have to have that friend chicken or can I make it myself at home. The air fryer, I’m hearing great things about the item even though I’ve never used one, but I think I’m going to invest in it. I not only have to eat healthier, but I want to, as a sign to improve my overall health America.

What does that mean? It means we sometimes we are our own worst enemies. What we put into our bodies impact our overall health and how we feel. If we eat bad things we’re going to feel bad about ourselves. If we eat good things we will feel better about ourselves. We will have weak moments where we give into temptation, and that’s ok, just don’t make it the norm people. Small changes can eventually lead to bigger ones later down the line.