UNITED STATES—Football is a sport so rich in events that fans can’t help but wonder why some of them happened. From good to bad, countless moments left spectators stunned. Some of these awed the crowds. Others made sports betting enthusiasts placing bets understand that even the most certain things can change in the blink of an eye which is why you should be looking at these different RABs. Wondering which are some of these moments? Let’s have a look at the most glorious.

  1. When Real Madrid won against Barcelona in 2012

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are two of the best football managers of all time, but fans would have never expected Guardiola to leave Barça because of a lost match. Yet, this is precisely what happened, when Mourinho’s Real Madrid won La Liga championship against Barcelona. As a result, Guardiola resigned in April 2012.

  1. When Manchester City won the Premier League in the 94th minute

Throughout history, Manchester City supporters have rarely had hopes of seeing their favourite team win the Premier League. Especially when playing against the life-long rival, Manchester United. Luck turned on the City’s side in 2012, when Sergio Aguero scored the most dramatic goal in the club’s history and won the Premier League in the 94th minute. Now, that’s a memorable moment all Manchester City supporters brag about.

  1. When Greece won the Euro in 2004

Greece has been a sporadic presence on the European football maps since the dawns of time. Thinking of them winning the Euro tournament was laughable. Yet, sports enthusiasts who placed a bet on Greece in 2004 surely had the last laugh. The team won against all odds, beating France, Portugal, and the Czech Republic on its way to success.

  1. When Liverpool made its comeback into the Champions League in 2005

After an epic match led by AC Milan up to the minute 45, Liverpool needed precisely six minutes to dismantle everything its opponent has constructed, sending football fans in a state of awe. Fierce battles on the field led to penalty moments, with AC Milan gloriously wasting three opportunities to change the odds in their favour. Liverpool, on the other hand, only missed one penalty, and definitely showed the football world how history is written.

  1. When Senegal destroyed France in the 2002 World Cup

What football enthusiast would have high hopes for a team that merely managed to make its first entry on the international football scene? Not many people would give it credit. Yet, Senegal showed the whole world that newcomers could defeat those reigning the world of World and European championships, aka, France. Making its first appearance on the stage at the 2002 World Cup, Senegal beat France in the opening game, then took a solid run in the event before losing to Turkey. No doubt, one of the most unexpected World Cups in football’s history.