HOLLYWOOD —Doug Davidson has been given some incredible work since Maria Arena-Bell has taken over the helm of “The Young and the Restless.” The star who has been on the series close to three decades has returned Paul Williams, the character he portrays, back to his roots. Paul was always a man who seemed to be more concerned with his family and friends than himself. For instance, when he realized Sheila was stalking Lauren and planning her demise, he captured Sheila and put her in the very trap she had set for Lauren. However, last year was the best year Davidson has had since the departure of his favorite leading lady Lauralee Bell as Christine Blair Williams.

Doug’s reaction last year when he found out that the woman they had all been investigating and following was his sister Patty Williams, who had recently undergone plastic surgery to look like her psychiatrist, was shock and horror to learn that his sister had poisoned Victor Newman’s dog as well as Newman’s granddaughter Summer and she had also done many things that his little sister Patty could never have done before her psychotic break.

Davidson, who is one of the most solid actors in television, also fell in love again. This time with Nina Webster Chancellor, a woman he’d never seen in a romantic way before. In fact, Nina was his ex-wife Christine’s best friend. Davidson also had great scenes with former “L.A. Law” star Corbin Bernsen who plays his brother, Father Todd, a Catholic priest on “Y&R.” His work with one-time leading lady Tracey Bregman-Recht is also phenomenal, as the two crackle with chemistry when they are on the screen together.
Doug Davidson is one of those smoldering actors who knows how to underplay a scene when it belongs to his leading lady or another charactor in the scene. However, when it’s time to crank up the drama and to showcase great emotional angst, Davidson is better at it than perhaps any other male actor on “Y&R.” He’s such a nice person in real life, that you can’t help but love him. Paul however good and decent is a character that Davidson has made very multi-dimensional. Paul’s neither a good guy or bad. He’s a very interesting and fascinating character, as all of the character Bill Bell was able to create are not one dimensional or boring.

Doug Davidson’s performance last year makes him eligible for a daytime Emmy in the Lead Male category. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this year was Doug’s year to receive the award he’s worked so hard these past decades for.

Doug Davidson can be seen weekdays on “Y&R” which airs on the CBS network.