For Your Daytime Emmy Consideration

BEVERLY HILLS —Katherine Kelly Lang has performed a tour de force on CBS’s soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” for years now. The beautiful actress seems to be as unpopular with the Academy voters as Barbara Stanwyck was for decades. Is it perhaps that Katherine is so beautiful that many don’t consider her a serious and great actress? Only a star? If her peers in the industry saw the performances this woman has consistently given the past decade the way the fans see her work, she’d be not only nominated for an Emmy but she would be a winner as well.


Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan Forrester

Working with multi-Emmy winner Susan Flannery, Ronn Moss and other superior actors on her show, Katherine makes Brooke Logan the most sympathetic tramp on any TV show ever. Brooke may not be the best person in the world, but she sure is played by one of the best actresses today and it’s a real shame she is overlooked each year for Lead Actress in a Daytime Series nomination.

Ms. Lang has improved over the 23 years she’s been on “B&B” and her work now is astounding to say the least. With such great storylines Bradley Bell has given her, from Brooke being strangled by Stephanie more than once, Brooke’s rape by the menacing and demented attorney Andy Johnson was not only dramatic and gripping but the storyline was so well written that “B&B” was wrongly overlooked for that storyline alone.


Queen Stephanie Strangled Brooke

Katherine Kelly Lang plays Brooke Logan, the sexiest woman in the world, or the whore of Beverly Hills, all depending on whether it’s Stephanie Forrester describing her or the men in Stephanie’s life. Lang makes every scene fresh, she plays a woman in love as no one before her has done. The actress is courageous and does whatever she’s directed to perform. She is truly not only an actress who is beautiful, but like Ms. Stanwyck, she is overlooked for her absolute genius as an actress on a daily basis.

To all voting members of the academy who will be getting ballots soon, this is a lady who has been overlooked far too long. Here’s hoping Katherine Kelly Lang gets what she deserves: an Emmy. Katherine is on “B&B” and it airs weekdays on CBS.


Brooke was assaulted by Andy Johnson

Photographs Courtesy: Katherine Kelly Lang by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and Scene Stills – Stephanie strangling Brooke and Brooke being held by Andy Johnson are by JPI Studios