HELLO AMERICA!—When you have been in the entertainment business for years, it becomes quite easy to single out those who are special to the point they will be the guiding force for other artists, as well serve as favorites in the general marketplace. Marlon Brando, Kate Hepburn, Charles Laughton, Bette Davis and so many others who still affect our notion of what genuine artistry is about. Without a doubt, Forest Whitaker is definitely one of the most interesting, connecting actors who have and is making a difference as well.

Whitaker who is 6 foot and 2 inches tall, 220 pounds, quickly lets one know that he doesn’t rest on winning awards or how much fan mail he receives but is more concerned in moving ahead excited about many more challenges.

“Of course, I was grateful for the recognition the Academy gave me for the Idi Amin film “The Last King of Scotland” (2006), I was deeply moved by the attention the film and I received, it was something that happens in a dream.”

“However, I have never been just sitting around enjoying what has happened in the past. Instead, I’m always looking forward to the next challenge or job. You gotta’ remember an actor or musician is always looking for something new to conquer, this is how he or she grows or gets better at his gift or art. One has to remain kinetic, otherwise, you become stale and eventually all that special magic which people applauded you for dies.”

It is interesting to note that Forest is an extraordinary man of many talents. When his family moved from Longview, Texas to South Central Los Angeles in 1965, he found his way into college via a football scholarship. He later transferred to USC where he set records in football, but decided his passion was as an actor and moved in that artistic direction. He was given a star on the Hollywood Walk in 2007. He is married to Keisha Whitaker, they have three children.  “Hey,” he laughed, “I’m one lucky guy that’s for sure.”

Forest makes it very clear that even though he loves music, directing, producing, he is still basically an actor.

“I believe it’s because I understand technically as well as creatively how to bring life to words and ideas, my ability as an actor only has been enhanced.  Even my experience as an opera singer, it was quite a journey in reaching into the soul of a character, allowing him to breathe, exposing who he was and the reason he was part of the center of the story itself.  Believe me, it’s a magical, explosive experience for any artist.”

Does Forrest expect to retire at any time?  “Why should I,” he yelled. “As long as there’s a camera or a stage FOREST will be there!”