BEVERLY HILLS—Former Beverly Hills Mayor, Frank Fenton has passed away. Fenton was resident of Beverly Hills for over 40 years, he served as a city council member from 2005-2009, and became the mayor of Beverly Hills in 2009.

On behalf of the Beverly Hills City Council, Vice Mayor Nancy Krasne stated: “Former Mayor Fenton was an active community leader, civic activist and a successful finance professional.  He holds the unique distinction of being the only person to have held all three elected offices in the City as a Beverly Hills Unified School District Board Member, City Treasurer, and finally City Councilmember.”

Fenton attended California State University, Los Angeles and received a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. Prior to joining Salomon Smith Barney Inc. in 1979, he was vice president, resident manager, sales manager for 10 years with Sutro and Co. and Merrill Lynch.

Fenton escaped from Germany in the middle of World War II before arriving in Cuba and then headed to the United States.

After attending elementary school in the United States his family moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He attended the first half of high school in Sao Paulo, before returning to Los Angeles to finish his senior year at Hamilton High School. He later joined the Coast Guard.

“He has always served this community in so many outstanding ways. He will be missed,” said Vice Mayor Nancy Krasne. “On behalf of the City Council and all City employees I would like to extend my condolences to Judie and their wonderful family with the gratitude of the entire Beverly Hills community for their commitment to our City.”

By Jonathan Mintz and Casey Jacobs