WEST HOLLYWOOD—The iconic Formosa Cafe is set to reopen on Friday, June 28, after closing its doors for 2 years. The restaurant was founded in 1925 and was frequented by old Hollywood bigwigs like John Wayne and Elvis Presley.

The Formosa closed its doors in December 2016. The new owners, the 1933 group, own popular West Hollywood bars Harlowe, Sassafras as well as eight other bars including Highland Park Bowl. Most of the bars have a vintage themed interior that is popular with patrons. They made a similar plan to get rid of the Formosa’s modern 2015 update and spent $2.4 million to restore it back to its 1940s aesthetic.

The restaurant received support from the National Trust For Historic Preservation, which awarded the restaurant with a $150,000 grant. The funds were allocated to restore the old Pacific Electric Red Car Trolley that was previously used as a luncheon counter and was covered up in the 2015 modern renovation.

Along with a new look, the restaurant is updating it’s cuisine. Chefs David Kuo and Choongman A Lee, of Little Fatty are partnering with the new owners to serve modern Taiwanese food. The grand opening of the Formosa is set for Friday.