SANTA MONICA—On December 6, the National Park Service announced the birth of four female puma kittens. They were born in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles. The mother is a chipped and tracked female mountain lion referred to as, P-99.

The kittens called: P-9, P-10, P-11, and P-12 were all tagged in August when the mother was away from the den long enough for NPS personnel to do a full workup on the new fur babies. NPS scientists have studied the pumas in the Santa Monica Mountains for nearly two decades determined the kittens were likely born last July. They weighed approximately 4 pounds at birth.

Photo Credit, CDFW

Famed mountain lion, P-22 attacked and killed a Chihuahua named, “Piper,” while he and another pup were being walked by their dog walker near the Hollywood Reservoir at Creston and Duran Drive.

In a joint press release, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and NPS announced that on December 8, they were able to find and sedate P-22 through their GPS mountain lion tracking system without the use of traps. He was darted with the tranquilizer gun in a residential neighborhood he frequented for a health evaluation.

“CDFW and NPS have long partnered on issues related to P-22 and will work together to find the most humane option available for the lion and the community in which he lives. CDFW and NPS have already been in contact with leading institutions for animal care and rehabilitation centers,” reads a statement from the press release. 

“CDFW and NPS recognize how many people are concerned about mountain lions, their conservation, and P-22, and we appreciate this interest. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.”