LOS ANGELES — On Saturday, July 25, there were violent interactions between the Los Angeles Police Department and protestors in Downtown L.A.

The protest was in support of the protests in Portland, Oregon which have lasted for two months. LAPD said the protest was peaceful at 5:23 p.m. It turned violent when protesters broke windows and painted graffiti at the Federal building outside City Hall on North Los Angeles Street.

One of the graffiti messages said, “Bacon gets fried,” according to KTLA 5.

LAPD issued a citywide tactical alert shortly after 7 p.m.

LAPD tweeted, “a peaceful demonstration in Downtown LA was interrupted shortly after 5:30pm when some individuals inside a large crowd of protestors began to direct physical assaults on officers deployed to facilitate the demonstrations and walk onto a busy freeway.”

Four demonstrators were arrested—three for suspicion of battery on a police officer and one for suspicion of causing a disturbance.

Four officers and three protesters faced minor injuries.

“The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to making certain that Angelenos can exercise their First Amendment rights peacefully, and we cannot allow violence and destruction of property to put anyone’s safety at risk — whether they be officers, demonstrators, or bystanders,” said LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

Twitter user @CityHallRebel tweeted, “Video evidence shows LAPD officers pushing a woman and then attacking 2 other women (over and over) who tried to help.”

“At the 4 second mark you can see police push this woman down to the ground, she gets up and they push her again and again. The man with the flying shoulder is her husband who was trying to protect her against the 2 officers who were brutalizing his wife,” the tweet adds.

On Sunday, July 26, several hundred people attended another demonstration in support of the Portland protests. The protest took place in Westwood at Wilshire Boulevard and Veteran Avenue in front of the federal building.

While there were verbal arguments with counter-protesters, there was no reported violence.