UNITED STATES—Organizing an office can be quite a difficult task, especially in a large corporation or a dynamic startup where you might find yourself balancing many different plates at the same time. Nonetheless, with a lot of careful planning and a good eye for detail, you can transform your office into a great place where everyone wants to work. Whether or not you are an HR manager, office manager or CEO of a company, this guide has been created to provide some top tips that you can use to create a well-managed space. Read on for four useful tips that will have you managing your office in the best possible way.

Think Sustainably

Sustainability is the great watchword of our day and extends to the office space. You should be thinking about how you can be sustainable within the office, especially when it comes to items such as reusable coffee cups, ditching paper for a digital solution and the amount of utilities you are consuming. One item that you might not think about too much is the amount of water that you are consuming, but you will be surprised by the amount that you can save by switching water suppliers. Luckily, you can find a great company that can help you when it comes to saving money on business water online.

Have a Clear Corporate Structure

Many companies fail to succeed because they’ve created an extremely stressful vibe at the office as nobody has any idea who is responsible for what. It is up to you to outline a very clear chain of command, so if anyone has any queries about anything affecting the company, they can quickly troubleshoot these problems for maximum efficiency. It will also make your life a lot easier as people won’t be going to you for problems that they believe can’t be solved anywhere else.

Optimize Your Office Space

The office should be created in such a way to facilitate the best possible work environment. This can come to the organization of different departments, the amount of relative privacy any employee might have, as well as the types of amenities — such as coffee machines, nice sofas or ping pong tables — that can help to encourage a great collaborative environment. One really important part of this is also to:

Keep the Workspace Tidy

Clutter can be the bane of many an office manager’s life. It’s important to lay out to your employees the importance of keeping everything as tidy as it can be. This definitely extends to desk spaces, meaning that it’s important to implement a policy where employees make sure to clean their desks at the end of every single day. Additionally, it makes sense to hire a cleaner who can come in at least once a week to make sure that the office stays clean. This will cost you some money, but the savings that will be made from people being more willing to work in a clean and healthy space are more than likely to outweigh that initial payment.