HOLLYWOOD—Things are getting juicy on “General Hospital” just in time for February sweeps, and it seems Ryan Chamberlain is doing all in his power to protect Lulu from remembering him as her attacker. He is starting to point the finger at Franco, but in order to pull off this epic ruse he needs to get Lulu to think Franco attacked her. There are a ton of problems with this plan. Ava knows Franco would have never hurt Kiki and the authorities are aware all 3 murders and Lulu’s attack are connected; the same person committed the crimes, but the PCPD are complete idiots America.

Ryan has planted some evidence trying to frame Franco for Peyton’s demise, but once again anyone who connects the dots would see there are major gaps in the chaos.

Rumor has it another murder is set to transpire for the month of February; considering prior murders have occurred on holidays, Valentine’s Day seems like another opportunity for Ryan to strike. I’m sorry but Jordan and Chase are complete idiots when it comes to this investigation. So many clues are there, but for reasons I cannot fathom, they cannot get it together. How about you look at the evidence, look at the victims, and take heed to Laura’s advice that Kevin has NOT been himself. Dig a bit deeper and the truth shall be uncovered, but I sense the truth will not come out till May sweeps, but if it happens sooner, I will be thrilled.

Ryan hypnotizes Lulu against both Jordan and Laura’s need to want to be in the room. Ryan wanted to plant a seed and the presence of anyone else would change everything. Here’s the problem when did hypnotizing someone become admissible evidence in court? Anyway she was convinced thanks to Ryan that Franco is her attacker and Jordan arrests him for murder. Franco might be in a pickle, but considering the authorities have the knife and a bloody shoeprint, Franco has ways out. I’m not certain if Franco and Kevin wear the same size shoe, but we all know that Ava took those bloody shoes of Ryan’s back to her place. Rather they’ve been cleaned I don’t recall seeing that.

There are other things to discuss, like this revelation that Ryan, Kevin and Anna have all gone blind. Well Ryan and Anna regained their sight, but Kevin is still under siege thanks to his nefarious brother. However, the name Dr. Cabot keeps coming up and apparently he was conducting a study looking at identical twins. Well, there are twins in Port Charles people. We have Anna and Alex, Kevin and Ryan and Jason and Drew. Nothing has transpired with Jason or Drew yet, but that doesn’t mean it will not happen in the coming weeks. I’m seriously hoping this story ties back to Cesar Faison in some way; Kevin’s murderous ways are fun, be we haven’t seen a true villain in town in quite some time so it’s long overdue.

We also have to chat about Sam’s decision to go undercover to try to find out just what Shiloh is up to in regards to her and her sister Kristina. Shiloh does have ulterior motives and I’m dying to see what they are, but this guy has some nefarious people to deal with if he hurts Sam or Kristina. Notably, Sonny, Jason and Drew, and speaking of Drew his world is constantly changing. He was getting closer to Kim, but Kim has decided to rekindle things with Julian. So Drew is out, Carly is concerned that he might have an opening to rekindle things with Sam, and he might. Sam and Jason are indulging in a ruse to make Shiloh think she has severed ties, but in actuality she has not.

Valentin is playing with hot water America, really hot water. He’s invited Sasha back to town, Nina is on cloud nine, but has no clue that Peter August of all people have offered Liesl a job thanks to Maxie. Liesl warned Valentin that she will keep his secret, and it seems that Peter has a feeling that Valentin is hiding something. I mean Liesl is dropping subtle hints to everyone. I mean did you catch her conversation with Carly, Jason and Liesl. Jason’s no idiot and picked up on the fact that Liesl met Nelle. Hmm, will Carly be able to connect the dots and start to piece that Wiley is actual Michael’s son, and not Brad and Lucas’ bundle of joy.

With Franco in the slammer, Laura not fully convinced that he’s the culprit and evidence out there that does not 100 percent confirm Franco as the killer, Ryan’s moment of happiness will soon become his worst nightmare.