UNITED STATES—Halloween is drawing closer as we near the end of the month of October, where all things spooky and scary take front and center as the holiday approaches.

In advance of the scary celebration, some of the most frightening, fantastical and fascinating spectacles from around the world are present in front of us. Want to know more about a New Year’s Eve parade that marches through the streets of Stonehaven in Scotland, while people whirl hot balls of fire around their heads? Of course, you do.

Some partake in such festive Halloween activities like carving pumpkins with the kids, trick-or-treating, passing out candy, visiting the haunted house, going on a haunted hayride or perhaps hosting a massive Halloween party for family and friends.

Individuals also have the opportunity to learn more about those in Guatemala who burn paper pinatas that look like the Devil on the 7th of December every year.  There are incredible, fantastical festivals taking place all around the world, all year round – with some scary spectacles that even tie into Christmas!

Many of these incredible events may seem strange to us but are sacred and traditional to their countries of origin. Some carry with them revered traditions and customs that have been handed down between generations.

People dress like scary goat men around Christmas and spook parade watchers and there is other things transpiring at the annual even that occurs in Austria, for those who are interested.

Halloween is not the only time for monsters and masks. Many of these incredible events have been taking place for centuries with very few straying from tradition.

The Vegetarian Festival, allows a sample of a nice bean burger or chicken  nugget substitute for those who partake in veganism. Another popular event is the Dance of Death that occurs on  Maundy Thursday each year. This involves five people – two men and three children – dressed as skeletons dancing to the beat of a drum. The dance is said to represent our limited time on this planet, as well as the life and crucifixion of Christ.

This involves everything from piercing their cheeks with knives to bloodletting and even partial skinning. It’s said that those who perform these mutilations go into a trance-like state, they do not feel pain and are protected by spirits. Those against blood and gore and are stalls where you can indulge in vegan foods.

There are the haunting masks of  Busó to the ancient tradition of Famadihana in Madagascar, where a ton of new incredible traditions and beliefs take place. Come join in learning how to confront your fears and have a good time with others while at the pub. Other popular events include the Carnival of Binche, Triora Halloween, The Krampus Parade and the Massakara Festival. Whatever celebration is your cup of  tea, there is plenty to be enjoyed by all over the world.

Some of the research used in this article was taken from Betway.