UNITED STATES—How many times did we watch a movie and see the street of San Francisco in the background?  The idyllic city is drawings many visitors on an annual basis to the picturesque setting. This is the city that hosts Alcatraz, The Golden Gate, Pier 39 and much more stuff that makes San Francisco the true gem that it is.

Whilst there is much stuff to do, see and discover in San Francisco, the land of gambling is almost non-existent. Whilst other states such as New Jersey and Las Vegas host a good amount of gambling sites for gamblers to enjoy, San Francisco is another story.  Many people argue that we need to look at the quality and not quantity, and as we bring you this review about gambling in San Francisco, punters can enjoy horse racing, many card games and some very notable and worthy of a visit to gambling sites.

We all know that the American gambling scene is all about resorts.  You make a trip at a gambling site resort and can enjoy top range gaming tables, a nice cocktail and even a top singer at the lobby. The Graton Resort, located in the Northern part of San Francisco delivers just that.  The casino excels in poker rooms, high limit tables and also the occasional Baccarat table. Punters looking to make a weekend out of their visit will also enjoy exquisite food, spas, door service and top-notch hotel suites.

With also paying a visit to the Thunder Valley Casino and Resort that is regarded as one of the largest land-based casinos in California, down in the Sacramento area. The casino hosts slots, video games, bingo rooms, poker and other live dealer tables.  Apart from this, staying at the Thunder Valley Casino, one can indulge in Spa services, buffet food, and an awesome Coconut Bar by the massive food.

Other Gambling Activities

You can stay at a resort or a hotel and choose to hit a live poker table. Alternatively, San Francisco also offers an alternative way of seeking fun: Horse racing. The Golden Gate Fields are a 140 acres track, that hosts some of the most sought after racing events in the USA. Famous events that happen here include the California Annual Derby, the Berkeley Handicap and also the San Francisco annual Miles Stakes.  Needless to say, the field is packed with punters hoping for a win, and after that, you can see everyone heading over back to the gambling resorts, or enjoying a drink at the famous Turf Club.

Forget entering the Golden Gate Fields with your converse ad tattered jeans, visiting here as a top affair. Hats, suits, champagne in flutes and frilly dresses is what a day at the Fields consists of. Having held the reputation as one of the most prominent and primitive forms of gambling across the US since the 1800s, horse racing is a multi-million dollar business and gamblers and fans seek the grills of visiting on an annual basis.

The rise of Card Rooms

Whilst the US, specifically California has many laws and regulations when it comes to online and land-based gambling, the world of card rooms says a much different story. Whilst Indigenous People can operate card rooms and casinos, the 2 offer a much different experience to the player.  Card Rooms offers games such as Texas Hold Em, Pai Gow, Baccarat and more card games, casinos offer you a better games variety, that goes above and beyond the standard card games in Card Rooms.

Is wagering on sports allowed?

So far in this review of gambling in San Francisco, we discussed land-based casinos, card rooms and even horse racing tracks and events, yet we never discussed the fact that some gamblers enjoy a sports bet. There are different types of punters looking for different types of bets, and to be fair, we’re sad to report that if you happen to be in the San Francisco area in California, you will not be allowed a sports wager. Legally that is.

There is always talk in the pipeline that sports wagering in California will be allowed soon, but how soon is the question. Nobody knows the real answer to that. In the meantime, players can also head over to a new casino site that offers sports wagering and betting.  Playing online has its real benefits, one can scoop a welcome offer upon registering, start climbing the loyalty ladder, and also compete with other players via promotions and tournaments.

Whilst lawmakers are regulators work together to bring sports betting legally to California gamblers can still enjoy a bet on their favorite athlete or sporting event.  And new casino sites compete to bring the best odds out there. The only issue is the choice!