HOLLYWOOD—This week’s episode of “Game of Thrones” started with a battle, but not the one we were waiting for!

It’s an angry-looking Khaleesi who is questioning Tyrion about what they should do.

Their quarters at Meereen were under attack and the harbor is full of ships. The Dragon Queen tells Tyrion she intends on slaughtering all of the masters and slavers. Tyrion tries to reason with her, confessing that his brother Jaime killed her father, the Mad King, was because he too intended on wiping out a city of innocent people: the inhabitants of King’s Landing.

Tyrion’s plea for leniency works. The next thing you know they are meeting with three masters, about a surrender. The problem is they are both there to accept the surrender of the other.

The arrogant speaker tells her that they’ll allow the BEGGAR QUEEN to leave Meereen, but the Unsullied will stay and be sold back into slavery, as will Missandei, the translator they say Khaleesi stole. He says they will also slaughter the dragons living in captivity there. The scene flashes to show the fighting between Khaleesi’s people and the Sons of the Harpy, who appear to be winning.

That is, until the DOTHRAKIS come and go Viking on the Harpys, while Khaleesi takes her dragons and they set fire to the ships that are attacking the city. Grey Worm has a brief moment of retributive glory, as he beheads two masters with one slice, leaving the third to go and tell what has happened on that day.


Jon Snow and Sansa Stark are meeting with Ramsay Bolton.

He thanks Jon for bringing his wife back and then tries to command him to kneel. He says to surrender his men, and proclaim Ramsay TRUE WARDEN of the north. When Sansa asks for proof that he even has Rickon, the tyrant throws a wolf’s head onto the ground. It belongs to the young boy’s beloved pet: Shaggydog.

Jon offers to fight him one on one, of course Ramsay refuses. He has 6,000 men, he says, more than double Jon Snow’s. He taunts them that he hasn’t fed his dogs in a week. They will fight in the morning and losers will be fed to his dogs.

It is night now, and the camp outside of Winterfell is alive with fear.

Tormund, the Free Folk Wildling, fears the horses because he knows it gives Bolton’s men a great advantage. Sansa fears being Ramsays prisoner again and tells her half-brother NOT to let her be taken there alive.

Davos Seaworth is there, and although they should be enemies he is becoming friends with Tormund. Seaworth tells him he likes to go for a walk the night before the battle because he cannot sleep.

While walking, he finds the remnants of a fire pit.

There’s a carved ELK toy. It’s the one he made for Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, Shireen. Is that the pit where the girl was burned alive as a sacrifice to ensure her father’s win?

Melisandre and Jon Snow are talking now, and he tells her his fear. He doesn’t want to be brought back this time. She proclaims that she will only do THE WILL of the Lord of the Light and will resurrect him if commanded.

The Greyjoy’s are at Meereen now.

We do not see them as they come upon the remnants of the ships that are burning and dragons in the sky. It’s is TOO BAD, it would’ve been an incredible scene. Yara is as bold as I imagined, and of course notably smitten with Khaleesi’s beauty.

The women talk of their fathers and together, including Tyrion’s own Lannister father: they all agree that the men were terrible people. The women, as Queens, are going to work to leave the world “better than we found it.”

The only possible problem is that Khaleesi says in return for her help in making Yara the FIRST IRONBORN QUEEN, they will have to support Khaleesi and stop the activities they are well-known for, like rape.


Now we are too the moment we have all been waiting for.

We knew the scene would be epic! After last week’s preview, I was worried that it could never live up to the great that was being taunted.

BUT IT WAS! You can never beat “The Lord of the Rings” scene with mammoth fighting TREES, but boy is this the second best fight battle I can remember seeing!

Jon Snow’s army is scared and quiet, looking upon the other side, who dwarfs them in numbers and weaponry.

Ramsay Bolton comes with a rope in his hand… It is his dog? No, it is Rickon.

As the two are staring each other down across the battlefield, we have a tense moment as Bolton holds up the sword and we just know he will kill the boy. BUT HE DOESN’T!

He cuts the rope binding his wrists, and tells him to run.

Instead of the dog’s ripping him apart he playfully aims and chases Rickon with arrows, until the boy reaches his long-unseen half-brother and BOOM: arrow through the head! Very sad.

Although Sansa has angrily told her brother NOT to feed into what Bolton wanted, because he’s an excellent strategist and could outmaneuver with his large army, seeing Rickon die puts Jon over the edge. Just as the other side planned: Jon started charging.

Everyone knew not to, but they did. What proceeded was a battle so great, that you must just watch a clip:


Davos Seaworth, who was supposed to be waiting and guarding the back, is preoccupied while holding Shireen’s toy. Anger is overcoming as he watches Jon Snow and the rest being slaughtered. He abandons his guard, meant to stop the enemy from coming up behind the Jon Snow. Davos and his crew join in the fight.

Ramsay orders his men to initiate one of the best moves I have seen, being called a “shield wall.


One could never describe how awesome this battle was, things like crying for Mag the Mighty as he is bombarded with arrows, rooting for Tormund as he rips a would-be killers throat with his teeth! The excellent job they did at making you feel like YOU ARE UNABLE TO BREATHE as Jon Snow is being trampled! A MUST SEE!

Mag the Mighty is now in bad shape and it looks as if he can fight no more. Jon’s army looks to be 100 men left at most and completely surrounded by armed men. Tormund, Jon Snow, and Davos Seaworth are there, looking as if they are going to die.

You know what happens, right?


You hear horns… Jon snow looks quizzical, Ramsay Snow looks annoyed like a kid whose balloon just popped. Here comes the reinforcements and a satisfied Sansa Stark as she stares at Ramsay.

Ramsay is chased into Winterfell, where he thinks he’s safe until MAG THE MIGHTY makes one final act of breaking the door down. As Jon looks at him, as if to say, you did good and thank you, Ramsay stops the giant from receiving his praise by shooting him through the eye with an arrow.

How much do we hate that Ramsay Bolton?

Enough to love every moment of Jon Snow punching his face into the dirt. He doesn’t kill him though, and next scene shows Sansa visiting the badly bleeding Ramsay Bolton. She taunts him by letting the dogs into the cage with him and he retorts they are obedient, will never hurt him.

But they haven’t eaten in SEVEN days Ramsay, you said so yourself.

Only this lead up could make us enjoy watching as his huge hound, maybe the one he fed his newborn baby brother to a couple of weeks ago? The beast eats RAMSAY BOLTON’S FACE OFF.

What could possibly happen next week? Will we lose another Stark and will it be BRAN OR ARYA? What does Baelish want from Sansa, maybe her firstborn child? What did Ramsay mean when he said “I’m part of you now.”

Watch next week’s preview below!