SANTA MONICA—One of the cities largest gas mains was damaged by a subcontractor on April 29. So Cal Gas indicated they received the first reports of the damage around noon. The reports stated there was a smell of flammable gas. 

The gas leak consisted of methane and natural gasses. The following day the smells and sounds of the gas rolled into the nearby neighborhoods causing the residents to evacuate the areas. Those that did not evacuate their homes were left surrounded by the smell of gas and with no power. The Santa Monica Daily Press reported that local Carrie Sedor indicated she was not too concerned about the situation, and she captured pictures of workers over the weekend trying to resolve the leak and keep it from getting any worse.

Roads were closed, and traffic was diverted as workers tended to stop the leak. The So Cal Gas officials said that on Monday, May 3, the issue was resolved. They performed safety checks in the area and visited homes to fix anything damaged by the leak.