HOLLYWOOD—What the hell type of twist did the writers of “General Hospital” drop on viewers on Friday. Talk about a got damn cliffhanger. I mean did I miss something or were the writers totally screwing with my head because Shiloh awoke from his time in Afghanistan and was facing Drew, but he looked like Jason. It took me a moment to decipher what I was seeing and it was Drew of course. However, why not just utilize portrayer Billy Miller to do that? Shiloh was even a creep in Afghanistan, but Drew really tried to set him on the direct path after discovering he was selling fuel to enemies.

Look it is no secret that Shiloh is a disgusting, but this connection to Drew and Shiloh has been lingering for what seems like over a year on “GH.” I feel like this is setting up the narrative for the next hot story for Drew because he hasn’t really had much going on lately since Oscar’s passing. Shiloh’s followers have turned on him, even Harmony; Willow’s mom is ready to sell this predator down the river.

However, just when we thought Shiloh was locked behind bars for good, he finds a way to weasel himself out. This is crazy because he had the paternity results (did not get to read them because he was arrested) giving Brad, Lucas and Michael the opportunity to destroy them. Ugh, do you know what you just did Michael? You prevented yourself from learning the truth that Wiley is actually Jonah, your son! Shiloh has many enemies in Port Charles and I sense he is about to meet his fate, so a murder mystery could be in the works and this guy has PLENTY OF ENEMIES. The question that we’ll be discussing is who committed the deed?

It looks like Nina is being more perceptive to Willow’s plight, which will set the stage for the big reveal when Nina learns Sasha is not her daughter and Willow is. While it has NOT been confirmed, if Willow is not Nina’s daughter I will not only be baffled, I will be speechless if it weren’t true. All the signs point otherwise. I feel like Willow and Chase are drifting apart, but maybe I could be wrong because they professed their love. However, when that truth about Wiley comes out, Willow’s world will be shattered, and so will Michael’s and I can see these two connecting in a major way.

The other hot story of the hour is the battle between Valentin and Jax. Jax has Intel on Valentin and vice versa, so this whole notion of Jax purchasing Crimson makes more sense now. He has an angle; we don’t fully know what that angle is. Is it frustrating? Of course it is America, but at the same time, its building suspense so it’s a good thing. The Cassandra Pierce tale keeps coming up, and we know she is alive, we just don’t know exactly who has her in possession. There has been talk about Nikolas Cassadine, and whenever you hear talk it automatically makes the viewer suspect, a character might be returning from the dead. Just as Valentin requested Anna’s location from Finn to see what she knows about Cassandra. Dare I say, Valentin seems quite scared America and I like it!

Other players in the mix ae Hayden and Curtis, who we know are both schemers. They came to Port Charles as schemers and have reformed themselves to a degree America. However, both pals are working on the opposite spectrum. Hayden for Jax, and Curtis for Valentin, and we know Hayden hasn’t been truthful with her ex about her bundle of joy. So the question we all want to know is where is that baby people? It seems Dev and Josslyn are getting closer, but Cameron is also in the mix. I sense a love triangle brewing, but I feel Dev will win after the war culminates.

There is not much else to discuss because we’re waiting for two major reveals: Wiley is Jonah and Sasha is not Nina’s daughter. Its July, at the rate “General Hospital” is moving, I’d argue these bombs are not likely to drop until November sweeps and that’s very unfortunate for fans.