HOLLYWOOD—Oh, February how I adore you! Its sweeps time, and your favorite soaps are finally ramping up those storylines that have been building the past few months. Each week we’ll be examining the big surprises and predictions on your favorites. First up is “General Hospital.”

The one storyline that has baffled fans for nearly a year is just who is Fluke? So many theories have been thrown out there from Bill Eckert to Anthony Zacchara to Luke himself. While all of those theories are good ones, I have reason to believe the perpetrator is one who has a vast hatred for the residents of Port Charles and more importantly an intriguing relationship with Helena Cassadine. If I didn’t know any better, I’m guessing it’s someone she may have had a tryst with.

I think we can absolutely take Bill Eckert off the list, as well as the possibility of Fluke being Luke; the writers know that twist will only anger fans.  With Dante discovering those remains while being left trapped in Luke’s old childhood home courtesy of a ticking time bomb, viewers can suspect a confrontation with Fluke in the near future.

Speaking of explosions, The Haunted Star is on a course for doom, courtesy of Jake aka Jason Morgan. As time slowly ticks away, Fluke found a way to escape by going AWOL on Dante while on the phone. Was the ruse a bit too much, you bet as Tracy started to suspect something out of the ordinary with her hubby. I have the oddest feeling that Tracy will be the one to discover Fluke’s true identity, courtesy of catching Luke and Helena conversing with one another.

I’m baffled to say the least about Nikolas’ unexpected turn to the dark side. He knows his grandmother is up to no good, and that she’s been working with her nemesis Luke Spencer, yet he hasn’t told a single soul. Hmm, is Nikolas perhaps being brainwashed as well?

The other big storyline ramping up is the confrontation between Sam and Jake. She is almost certain that he was responsible for holding her hostage and stealing that special item from her home. It’s as clear as day to the audience that Jake in his own way is trying to tell Sam to look deeper, but she is too consumed with Patrick to see the light. Sam is certain to confront Helena with her brainwashing Jake, just as Tracy caught Fluke and Helena canoodling.

Is it possible that Robin could be making a return to Port Charles to drop the bombshell we’ve all been waiting for? I do sense the truth will come out about Jake before February wraps.

Its been teased of a death or two before the month of February wraps, and I have an inkling that death will happen to a beloved villain or villainess. That means Julian, Ava, Franco, Carlos or Johnny could bid farewell in the next week or so. In actuality, it could be more than one person. To witness Sonny put his hatred for Ava in the past to try to rescue her life and see her fall off the bridge was super intense. So it looks like Ava is a goner, the same could be said for Sonny who took helm of the bomb from Michael before diving into the waters. Unfortunately, no body has been found. In the soap world, that means death is not permanent.

Oh we can’t forget about Agent Kyle Sloan who happens to be in cohorts with the Mayor, Helena, Nikolas and Fluke, expect Anna to get the goods on those before time runs out, more inclined to take place around May sweeps if you ask me. If anything is certain fans of the soap won’t want to miss a single episode in the next four weeks. “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.