HOLLYWOOD—As many fans in the soap arena are well aware, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) will soon bid farewell to the ABC soap “General Hospital” towards the end of July. The writers are absolutely ramping up the narrative for Luke in a way that hasn’t been done for the past two years, since the entire Fluke storyline.

Luke was forced to break Tracy’s heart in order to rescue his sons Lucky and Nathan. Along the way for the charade is of course his one true love, Laura (Genie Francis). Those two are destined to be together, no matter what the writers attempt to do. Can anyone imagine Luke without Laura? Probably not! Along the way for the drama is Holly, Luke’s one-time flame that resulted in the birth of love child Nathan. Nathan and Luke are much more alike than Lucky and Luke. Nathan for starters has no trouble weaving cons to get what he wants.

The big surprise of the kidnapping is discovering the mastermind behind it. At first, I was almost certain it was Helena Cassadine, but surprise it was Frank Smith. Yep, the guy that caused Luke and Laura to be on the run back in the 80s and 90s has resurfaced. Remember in the soap world, no one is ever truly dead, ever!

Also involved in the caper is Lulu and Dillion who have seemingly gotten closer since discovering the big secret Luke and Laura has been keeping from other residents in Port Charles. Lulu has been keeping secrets from her hubby Dante, which has made it even easier for Valerie and Dante to get closer because of her deception. Dante suspects his wife is cheating on him, but he’ll look like an idiot when he learns that’s not the case. He already shared a passionate kiss with Val, and the trust issues between the GH super couple lead Dante to sleep with Valerie! Wonder how Lulu will respond when she learns the news.

Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) swopped in to save the day.
Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) swooped in to save the day.

I’m still completely baffled that the residents in Port Charles have not figured out that Denise is actually Ava Jerome. Michael, Sonny, Kiki, Morgan, it seems everyone is aloof to precisely what is transpiring. I mean Morgan has been so ‘attracted’ to Denise they nearly sleep together. Sonny knows Denise is hiding something, which makes his goal to protect his daughter Avery from the mysterious one that more critical. Ava needs to understand as soon as the secret is out, she’s headed back to the slammer. Ava being Ava just can’t keep a secret and spilled the beans about her true identity to Franco, of all people. He’s a loose cannon that is bound to get our resident mobster in deep trouble.

Franco has his own problems. His attempt to get back into good graces with Nina is blowing up in his face, just as Nina begins to realize that her new hubby Ric might be getting cozy with her mother Madeleine. We know Nina has a whopper of a secret that she isn’t aware of, just as Rosalie has a big secret also. Come on “GH” writers, stop leaving the viewers in disarray, tell us already! Speaking of Rosalie, seems her duplicity has put a major target on her back in regards to the ELQ takeover.

Nikolas Cassadine has indeed proven he is just as wicked as his grandmother Helena, so much to the point that he took out a hit to ensure Hayden would never disclose the truth about Jake Doe aka Jason Morgan. Sam has already lit a fire under her cousin about his wicked ways, so much to the point that he taunted her about Jason. He didn’t say Jason was alive, but by his reaction he might as well have. Nikolas must have forgotten Sam is a private investigator and with Jake’s help they are sure to uncover the truth.

I mean can you imagine the fireworks when Sam discovers Elizabeth and Nikolas have known Jake is Jason for months. All hell is going to break loose and trust me, Elizabeth will face a fury she never expected. A rumor is floating around that Jake, Liz and Jason’s son who was killed in a hit-and-run by Luke Spencer, might not be dead after all. In Monday’s episode, Lucky saved the day by saving his parents from Smith, before revealing that his son Jake is indeed alive! I’m dying to see how the writers attempt to explain this one. Some things are possible to explain, even in the soap arena this is a bit of a stretch.

The question everyone wants to know is just how will Luke exit the canvas? Will it be an emotional farewell? Will he be killed off, or will the door be open for a possible return? Well that last one doesn’t seem possible, but fans never know precisely what the writers might have cooked up for such an iconic character. Guess we’ll have to wait till July 27 to find out. “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.