HOLLYWOOD—For weeks, fans of the ABC soap “General Hospital” have been speculating who was the culprit who has been murdering patients at the notorious hospital. Well, the writers sure delivered one hell of a stunner this week when the person behind the madness was revealed to be PAUL HORNSBY! Yep, totally did not see this happening and the fact that Paul is the mastermind behind this chaos has totally taken this storyline into a whole new direction in my opinion.

Paul has always been a nefarious villain, one who has committed heinous crimes and no one has yet to connect the dots to him. I mean he was the person who shot Sonny and placed him in a wheelchair; he murdered a top official and pinned the crime on Anna, not to mention he has the evidence against Ava Jerome that could get her placed back in the slammer for murder. Do you see where I’m going with this people? I see a murder mystery about to come to a head, and once all of Paul’s dirty deeds come to light he’ll have SO MANY enemies gunning for him it will be a juicy whodunit!

This week not only was Paul revealed as the killer, he was practically caught red-handed by Elizabeth, who didn’t quite put two and two together to make the connection. That’s not the biggest whopper, because while doing some snooping Ava realized that Paul is the killer and has evidence on him! Yep, she has the goods on her ally turned foe and now things are in her court with what she does with the evidence she has obtained. However, she might want to be careful, because if Paul gets wind on what she has discovered he might take her out, similar to what transpired with Elizabeth.

Yes, for those of you still in the dark, Elizabeth was pushed down a flight of stairs by someone wearing white latex gloves, and her condition is critical right now. Of course, she’ll survive, but the question that remains is to what degree. Will her memory be completely shot? The obvious answer is Paul committed the deed, but there is still a strong possibility that Hayden pushed her sister down that flight of stairs.

Yup, that little birdie who hinted that Hayden and Liz could be sisters hit the peg right on the money. Hayden’s mother, Naomi had an affair with Liz’s father and kept the baby a secret. Heather of course, has been secretly blackmailing Naomi for nearly 3 decades to keep the secret from coming to light. Too bad her son Franco now knows Naomi’s little secret and has no plans of keeping the bombshell from the woman he has gotten quite close to lately.

Hayden and Liz had a drag out argument and physical altercation at the hospital which Finn witnessed. It was all over those diamonds that Hayden suspected Nikolas had stolen, but surprise Liz has them in her possession and Naomi is also desperate to get her hands on those diamonds. So when news of Liz’s incident came to light, Finn was quite suspicious of what Hayden may or may not have done. Not to mention Franco hinted he knows what she is capable of as well.

This is so juicy people; I can only imagine how Liz and Hayden (mortal enemies) react to learning that they are bonded by blood. Could these two women become cordial and place their wrath towards their mother who has been up to no good? Time will tell people. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the chaos on “General Hospital” has ignited in a blaze that I least expected and can only imagine what we can expect to see as we edge close to November sweeps!