HOLLYWOOD—It has become an event that is known for plenty of madness on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Any ideas as to what I’m referring to? I’m talking about the ‘Nurses Ball.’ While many thought 2015 was epic, I mean who can forget Ric Lansing being publicly humiliated, just as Liz discovered that Jake Doe was actually Jason Morgan (yeah that was a big shocker people). Well, 2016 had plenty of surprises as well.

While I’m not a big fan of the song and dance numbers that seem to take the spotlight for the majority of the event, yeah, it’s a welcome change to have some laughs instead of seeing drama all the time. We can’t forget talking about that duet between Emma Drake and Ned Quartermaine, not to mention that duet between Dillion and Kiki (yeah, the writers should have had these two hook-up eons ago). The bulk of the chaos involved yet again Nikolas Cassadine. Yeah, he’s had it pretty rough lately, between being publicly shun for keeping Jason’s true identity from his loved ones, from his wife Hayden discovering he tried to have her whacked, he’s been on a downward slope. If that doesn’t sting, the fact that his riches have dwindled considerably seems to pinpoint things can only get better right?

Not quite. With Hayden blackmailing her hubby for those infamous diamonds, to Curtis being her right-hand man, Nikolas was in the midst of weaving a plan to end all of his misery. The result: someone looks to have beaten him up pretty bad and launched him out of a window falling just mere inches from the creek before vanishing. Of course, the writers would like for us to think that Jason was the guilty party, but that is way too easy people, and he arrived on the scene at the same time as Sam, so how is that even possible, without her hearing a bit of the chaos before that window shattered.

This does not bode well for Hayden, because while she points the finger at Jason, Elizabeth Webber has pointed the finger at her and those diamonds that only Nikolas, Curtis and Liz knew about. Hmm, Hayden you’re looking pretty guilty right now, so good luck on getting yourself out of this pickle. If it wasn’t Jason or Hayden who committed the deed, I suspect Nikolas staged the scene to frame his wife for murder, but she may not pay the price for what has transpired. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out people; could there be another Cassadine heir lurking in the shadows looking to claim what is rightfully his or hers?

The other hot button narrative we have to discuss involves Carly getting the goods on Ava Jerome. Yep, while she didn’t find evidence of Ava confessing to Connie’s murder, she captured video of Ava getting hot and heavy with District Attorney Paul Hornsby. Ava was not happy, nor was Paul because if this news gets out both of them will be in hot water. Ava demanded Paul to take care of the situation, just as he demanded she keep her mouth shut. Threats have been made people, and you know what that means, it’s just a matter of time before an attempted murder takes place.

We all know Paul can be ruthless I mean he murdered Sloan, set-up Carlos, shot Sonny and has been parading around town like the good guy, when he is evil personified. Then we have Ava, this woman is no rookie. I mean she killed Connie in cold blood, set-up AJ, plotted against Sonny, slept with her daughter’s lover on countless occasions; I can go on and on. It will be interesting to see who strikes first Ava or Paul.

One last tidbit, Lucas is in critical condition, looking to be the latest victim of an attempted killer on the loose at the hospital, while the story is not as hot button as one would hope, it does seem to continue to cast that doubt of suspicion on Dr. Finn who is indeed hiding a whopper of a secret that is beginning to arise the interest of Dr. Griffin Munro. Griffin is hiding many secrets, especially his connection to Nathan and the mysterious Claudette.

Some juicy news for your “General Hospital” fans, it has been revealed that Bree Williamson (formerly Jessica from “One Life to Live”) has been cast to take on the role of Nathan’s mysterious ex Claudette. Not to mention, Tyler Christopher and Kristen Storms are taking leaves of absence from the soap. Their replacements will be Nick Stabile (from “Sunset Beach”) and Molly Burnett (from “Days of Our Lives”). Must say I’m looking forward to Molly in this new role because it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from the actress.