UNITED STATES—We do indeed live in a world that is driven by technology. I mean if I was to ask someone what a landline was they probably would have trouble telling or showing me. I mean if I were to revert back to the time when I was growing up, the idea of a cell phone was something of the future. Now, we have the opportunity to work on a piece of hardware wirelessly and access to loads of information at your fingertips.

I constantly ask myself the question daily, what would the world be like if technology wasn’t so advanced? I mean back in the 80s Cable TV was around, so trying to function without that luxury would be difficult. However, cellphones are indeed becoming the worst thing in the world. We are so GLUED to our devices we fail to realize how much of a hindrance they are in our lives. I mean I know people who suffer from ‘missing cell phone syndrome.’ You might be asking well, what exactly is that? That is when a person freaks out when their phone is not in their possession.

It makes the situation even worse when you have people who sleep next to their cell phone. I used to do that, but I stopped. The more I had that cellphone next to my bedside, the more I found myself feeling the need to check it when I really didn’t need to check my phone at all people! Now, the big craze is tablets, mobile devices and iPads. Yes, I have an iPad and I will admit it might be the greatest invention of all-time in my opinion. It’s portable, not too heavy and gives me the best of both worlds: the ability to work on the go and to access the Internet as needed. The only slight caveat is that the iPad doesn’t have the ingrained keyboard like a computer. Well, it has a keyboard, but it’s not the same as if I were actually typing on a computer. And let’s face it: all technology has glitches, even the iPad is not perfect people.

This conversation is worth having because I am seeing kids just engulfed in technology to the point that they have no idea what it means to be creative or to ‘think’ outside of the box. I mean just this week, my nephew and niece spent hours, I mean hours watching stupid videos on YouTube. I seriously cannot understand the fascination with people and watching countless hours of video on their cellphones or tablets. Yeah, I totally get that it helps past the time, but there is so much more to do during the day.

I’ve always told myself I’m going to make a movie where it tackles the issue of technology, and it just vanishing out of nowhere to see how Americans, how people cope when they don’t have access to their phone, to social media or other countless technology that they use on a daily basis to move along the day. Here’s an idea: an actual conversation with a person!

We are so glued to our phones and technology that we ‘talk’ without actually doing real talking. No one listens anymore, no one cares, but how can we change that? At this point, it is quite hard and it feels like the level of technology will continue to develop to a degree where things we never expected could become a part of the present and the near future.