HOUSTON, TX—Minneapolis resident George Floyd, 46, died on May 25 after former police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for almost 9 minutes. Floyd previously lived in Texas, and Harris County court records reveal that Floyd has been involved in 9 criminal cases there.

In March 1997, Floyd was charged with delivering “less than 1 gram” of cocaine. He was sentenced to 180 days of confinement with 29 days credited. Floyd was charged with the same offense again in 2004, and was sentenced to 10 months in state jail with 109 days credited.

In 1998, he was charged with aggravated robbery by “committing theft of property” and exhibiting “a deadly weapon,” a firearm. He was sentenced to 10 months in jail with 70 days credited. In December later that year, shortly after he was released, Floyd was sentenced to 10 days of confinement after being charged with the theft of “$50-$500.”

He was found guilty of possession of a controlled substance – cocaine – in 2003 and was sentenced to 8 months in jail with 92 days credited. He was convicted of “criminal trespass[ing]” in the same year and sentenced to 30 days confinement in the Harris County Jail – but 87 days were credited.

Floyd’s last offense on record occurred in 2007. He “forced his way” into a woman’s home after lying about being “with the water department,” then “placed a pistol against… [her] abdomen,” according to the complaint. Floyd and his 5 companions “demanded to know where the drugs and money were,” but were told that there were neither in the house. They  proceeded to take jewelry and the victim’s cell phone. In 2009, Floyd was sentenced to 5 years in jail.

Source: Harris County District Clerk

He had two more charges against him prior. The total amount of time he served in jail in the end is unclear.

His ex-roommate Alvin Manago recently told CBC that Floyd moved to Minneapolis to get a “fresh start.” Former NBA superstar Stephen Jackson  reiterated this in an Instagram post, saying that Floyd “couldn’t wait to tell me he moved to Minnesota to work and drive trucks. He knew he had to relocate to be his best self. His [heart] was in the right place.”