UNITED STATES—It is NOT easy to do, but sometimes you have to do it. I’m talking about getting rid of clothing that you are no longer wearing. That is the problem America, we tend to overindulge and we buy and buy and buy until we no longer have room for new clothing. Do you know what that means? It means you have to get rid of all that old clothing people.

For me, that transpired this weekend. I went thru my entire closet and started to organize as we usher in the actual spring weather as we near summer people. This was no easy task and it took several hours to complete. You might be asking where do you start? Wherever you see fit people! Sometimes people think you need to have a plan, but sometimes the plan is just getting started with organizing your closet to begin with.

You cannot pick and chose, you have to actually take ALL of the clothing out of the closet. You have to take everything out to actually see what you have. Once you see what you have you can start to examine the following: what you wear, what you don’t, what you can no longer fit and which items are damaged beyond repair. We have all fallen into that troupe of thinking we can wear things that we cannot wear and you have to bid farewell to those things people.

In addition, when the items are damaged, torn, ripped or just not something you would wear on a daily basis, you have to get rid of it if it cannot be donated. On top of that then comes the IMPORTANT part: what are you NOT wearing? Those things can be given away, donated to other people or taken to clothing stores that will pay you for the items that you drop off.

Now, don’t expect full price, but it’s better to make some extra money and use that for everyday expenses or a potentially upcoming bill people. So once you figure out what you’re donating, trashing and giving away/selling, then you can properly organize what you wear on a daily basis and start to organize your closet. Some decide to organize their closet by colors, some do it be season, others do it by the type of item (that’s me). Why? It makes it easier for me to find what I want to wear for that particular day.

The magic is looking inside your closet AFTER it has been organized. Seeing the clean, pristine closet and clearly being able to see what is inside, where it is and not having to dig through your closet to find certain things people. It is indeed work people, but that is work that is worth it to feel clutter free people. A nice, clean and distinct closet is so refreshing people.

Written By Zoe Mitchell