UNITED STATES—It is that time of year, where it’s all about family, food, love and giving. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, I don’t know what it is about November thru January, where the notion of giving becomes heightened much more than the rest of the year. I think it is because the holidays put us into that festive mood people. We see the Christmas lights, we see the Christmas trees, food brings everyone together, people out and about shopping, just livens up the mood.

However, after the dreadful 2020, to me, last year is still a blur. I can only remember bits and pieces of things and celebrations were a lot smaller last year than what they are expected to be this year. It’s amazing how a vaccine and an entire year can make such a difference in people’s lives. With that said, it is my mission to do a bit more in terms of generosity for 2021 than in 2020. The budget was tight last year, it’s a bit looser this year and while inflation in this country is at an all-time high, there are plenty of Americans who are still hurting. In addition, charities were struck brutally in 2020 and are still struggling this year.

One of the things that always reminds me that the holidays are present and upon us are seeing those red kettles and the bells ringing. You might see them at some of your favorite retailers, I tend to see them at the local malls and anytime that I do I donate a few dollars into those kettles (this transpires whenever I enter or leave a store or the mall). I tend to do that 3 or 4 times or as many times as I see a kettle. My philosophy is I have a few dollars I need to give those to the less fortunate.

Also I don’t do it to make myself feel better, I do it because I want to and I know it makes a difference for those who are less fortunate than me. Many families are going to really struggle to put a meal on the table for Thanksgiving and with COVID-19 cases on the rise in some parts of the country, it is putting a hamper on kids going to school many a shortage of meals for children who depend on those school meals to eat during the day. We are seeing turkey giveaways, food donations, clothing drives, toy drives and plenty more in 2021.

A little goes a long way people, you don’t have to empty your savings or checking accounts, but I’m certain you have a little here and there that you can give to someone who is less fortunate. Think of it this way. If every person in America gave $5 you’re talking about millions perhaps billions of dollars that could help charities that are serving meals to the homeless, purchasing Christmas gifts for families in dire needs, helping to get the lights on and heat going for those who are struggling with their utilities during the harsh winter months in some parts of the country.

We sometimes get so enveloped in our own worries and concerns we forget there are people out there who have it way worse than us. So the next time you whine or b**ch about something that is so miniscule that it really isn’t going to have an impact on your life, think about the kid who doesn’t have a winter coat, the family that is wondering if there will be presents under the tree, or how about the person who is wondering where his or her next meal will come from. You know where yours is coming from, guess what they do not.