UNITED STATES—Over recent weeks, the world has been plunged into chaos, with the novel Coronavirus sweeping across the globe and infecting tens of thousands of people. While the effects have already been devastating, the situation is set to get even worse, adding to the thousands of people who have already died as a result of the virus.

Naturally, world leaders are eager to take action to reduce the risk of the infection spreading in their respective nations, and there are various measures that are being put into place. With the disease now officially classed as a pandemic, some countries like Italy have gone into complete lockdown while others are putting their own measures into place. This includes the closure of schools, colleges, and universities across the world, including many within the United States.

Keeping Up with Studies

Many students will understandably be concerned about the impact on their education, as the ban on in-person classes by many colleges has already been put into place. This includes Yale and other Ivy League colleges as well as educational facilities across the rest of the United States. For many students, this could have a huge negative impact on their studies so many will have to devise their own way of keeping up with their studies. Many will be worried about the impact on exams, so the pressure is really on for both colleges and students.

Fortunately, the digital society we live in today means that students can more easily stay on track with their studies even if they are unable to go into college. A wide range of resources and tools can be accessed online including video conferencing for classes and sites such as OneClass where students can access class notes in order to keep on top of their studies. While there is no clear indication of when the closed colleges and universities may open again, students can take steps to boost their learning capabilities within their own homes.

It is advisable for those who do have to study from home to keep aside a quiet area such as a spare room where they can set up their computer and benefit from few or no distractions. This study setting then enables them to liaise with tutors and other students online via Skype or other video conferencing methods. In addition, it provides them with a peaceful area from which to tackle their studies so they can get more done while confined to the home. You can even reduce your carbon footprint by studying from home!

More College Closures Expected

Already, more than 130 colleges and universities have announced closures in the United States and many others are expected to follow. While the spread of Covid-19 has already wreaked havoc across the country and other parts of the world, experts believe that there may still be weeks to go before it peaks, so more closures appear to be imminent. If this happens, more and more students will have to turn to online resources and tools in order to keep on top of their studies.