LOS FELIZ—Good Luck Bar released a statement on its Instagram page noting that the business with close its doors after being in business for 25 years.

“The fine print. The end of an era… With a heavy heart, we must inform our friends and neighbors that, after twenty five of a jolly good time, Good Luck bar is being #evicted to make room for the redevelopment of the building, reportedly a hotel and swinging hot spot.

Good Luck Bar was inspired by the 1939 landmark, now defunct #yeemeeloo bar in Chinatown, which was, according to @lamag “torn down five decades later to make room for the world’s ugliest minimall.” Good Luck Bar always strived to be a good neighbor and one of those only-in-LA unexpected places that, to us, contributed to the odd magic of the city we love. Sadly, one more of the classic, idiosyncratic #losangeles #landmarks is being lost in the name of new development. Or, as our friend and neighbor, #jonimitchell, once mused about the Garden of Allah, yet another lost treasure, “They paved paradise, And put up a parking lot, With a pink hotel, a boutique, And a swinging hot spot.” We, like you, thought our hot spot was just fine.

We want to thank every single patron. Friend. Neighbor. Bon Vivant. Drinker. Teetotaler. DJ. Filmmaker. Private-event thrower. Photographer. Family-member. Past and present employee. We are #foreverhumble for your support and #eternallygrateful to every one of you for making Good Luck…Good Luck.

We wish everyone eternal #goodluck  Forever grateful & forever yours,” said Good Luck Bar LA in a post.

Several patrons and residents shared memories and sadness of the news on social media. The building is located at 1514 Hillhurst Ave. in Los Feliz. Good Luck Bar will close its doors in a few weeks.

The bar has a Chinese inspired design with red highlights motif wallpaper, complimenting Chinatown’s classic, Yee Moo Loo Bar themes. Dragons were placed everywhere with bright red Chinese lanterns, and a Buddhist temple.

The LA dive bar was originally established in 1994 by business partners Sean MacPherson and Jon Sidel.