HOLLYWOOD—Director Chris Cashman is known within the industry as a creative genius who takes chances and after people see “Goofyfoot,” he’ll also become well known for telling great stories. “I suppose my brother would be alive if only he wasn’t a goofyfoot,” is how the film opens. The story of a young boy’s coming of age and his inner battle to deal with and gain answers to the meaning of his brother’s death from a tragic accident involving surfing is the focus of the short film. Perhaps that would not be enough to get you to watch this film short, but once you decide to do so, be prepared for tears of sadness and joy, adding to a new awakening of the value of life itself.

The film stars beautiful Latina actress Isabel Cueva, as Dr. Rueben, Jim Hanks as the dad, horror icon Douglas Tait as a man who offers CPR, Ryan Hartwig, Reese C. Hartwig, Jonathan Eisley and Chad Bonsack. Everyone in the film, including the kids offer such a amazing performances. However, what I found most striking was the film’s cinematography. The camera angles and style really appealed to my sense of adventure. It kept the process of a short film moving and yet didn’t distract from the basic story of finding the truth and growing up.

The writing by Jeff McElroy leaves nothing to chance. Viewers had better be prepared to be astonished by such a great effort in such a short period of time, which proves thoroughly successful for this team. Perhaps those of us who know the ocean and are aware of what a goofyfoot is may think this film will only appeal to us. That is not the case at all, this film transcends beach bums and is something everyone who enjoys creative storytelling will find unforgettable.
The film was shot entirely on location in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties here in Southern California. Surfing Magazine’s guru David Pu’u is also on board for the extremely vivid water-filming that helps make this film an event no one will forget.

With every short film there is a lesson, a moral that the director and writer try their best to convey. For me, “Goofyfoot” taught me how precious life is, and how we should embrace and love those who are dear to us, and live life to the fullest. Whoever thought a movie set around the Pacific Ocean could teach us so much?

“Goofyfoot” receives Five of Five Stars from this reviewer.