UNITED STATES—It’s that time of year people: graduation season! So many of us are graduating or attending ceremonies for friends and family who have accomplished a big feat. Rather its preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, college or graduate school, it’s a happy occasion. However, the focus of this column is focused on what transpires for those graduating from college or grad school, life as we know it is about to change for the better or the worse.

Some of you might be asking well if I have a college degree it should be super easy to land a job. However, if only things were so easy in the real world. A college degree nowadays equates to having a high school degree. It matters, but it’s not as impactful as it was let’s say 30 years ago. However, what scares me more than ever now, is so many of us have graduated from college with a degree and can’t find a decent job. I know so many people who are working retail jobs or at fast-food chains because they are unable to find employment in their respective fields.

What is the biggest problem? It seems most of these fields require experience to land a job. That is the problem if no one gives you the opportunity to earn experience how in the world are you expected to showcase that you have the skills. I will admit when I first went to college the only thing I could think about was graduating from college. I didn’t really have a plan in place; I knew what I wanted to major in and what my dream job would be. However, as a young adult there is so much madness being displayed in front of you that it becomes difficult to focus on what really MATTERS compared to what you want to matter.

As a result, I found myself with a college degree and having difficulty landing a decent paying job. It was embarrassing and frustrating. I spent thousands of dollars for an education, yet I can’t land a job in my respective field to earn a solid living. It wasn’t until I started to really hit the pavement hard by applying for internships (they were unpaid people) that I was able to start to see some movement in my respective field.

Unfortunately, so many college graduates end up back home with their parents upon graduating from college, simply for that transitionary period. Is it something a young adult wants to endure? Of course not, but if it was ever so easy to land a six-figure job (not likely) right after graduation we’d all rejoice. I would note, graduation season seems to deliver plenty of money into the pockets of graduates and that is a sign to be smart. Instead of splurging, put some of that money away for a rainy day.

I hate to say this, but when you’re in college, it’s vital to start considering prospective jobs and opportunities during your junior year. Waiting until senior year can put plenty of stress not only on the body, but the mind. It is wise to start to plan ahead. It’s nice to have a job lined up right out of school, so you’re not sitting at home unemployed. No one wants that people.

While education is the vital element of career choices, more needs to be done to ensure some sort of balance is given to students who fork out thousands and I mean thousands of dollars and don’t see the result they expect. This is not to say you have to be GUARANTEED something, but at the same time, thousands of dollars towards education to find yourself at a minimum wage job just isn’t fare people.