HELLO AMERICA!—The 57th Annual Grammy Awards was the worst bits of show biz garbage I have ever witnessed on the tube. When so-called stars such as Kanye West running on stage displaying his dissatisfaction with the Album of the Year winner Beck, noting it was a terrible mistake that his friend Beyoncé was not the winner.

Kanye’s performance with Rihanna did nothing to enhance his image. He performed waving his hands in a rather convulsive way and moving as if he was possessed with some dark, evil possessed demon. It was not a surprise that the audience response was rather tepid.

It was Annie Lennox who genuinely energized the entire awards show. The home viewers could easily identify with her music and the artistic presentation which captured and affected the entire audience. As for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, John Legend, Common, Adam Levin and Gwen Stefani are all top performers, but were boring. Their over-produced, cluttered performances left one feeling very little about the music they were highlighting, instead forcing the audience to concentrate on the circus of people twisting, turning, with their nearly naked bodies surrounding the star performer. It was more suitable for Las Vegas being supported by a live audience not for a simple television show.

As for Pharrell Williams, there is no doubt he is a bright and talented musician. It is gratifying to know that he will be returning to “The Voice” as one of the judges which he was definitely a standout last season. However, Pharrell’s fashions are a bit disturbing; wearing short trousers displaying the skinniest legs in America was too much to swallow. It took away from his performance.

The Grammy show had for so many years represented the classiest acts in the music world. Now we are forced to watch a Halloween-type televised party spotlighting a group of people who are so full of themselves there is nothing that represents what real music is all about. Sadly, the dark side of the music world began with “Rappers” who stem from a world of gangs, back allies of the ghetto, murder and hate. Unfortunately, they attract their kind, projecting the idea that they symbolize something honest and credible. This does not say that all rappers are demented or gangsters but it seems that the most popular ones are those who are violent and angry who find it exciting to survive on the edge. Unfortunately, many of these influence the very young who attempt to emulate them.

Ordinarily, I would ignore the Grammys because I usually end up very depressed and sad after watching an artistic industry function produced as a clownish spectacle with very little relevance. With so-called musicians such as Kanye West feeling as if they are the rulers of the recording industry, that another musician must pass their test of legitimacy then something has to be done. We simply don’t need a “godfather” type in the recording world, we have enough of would-be rulers wearing that crown of power as it is?

Would I watch the Grammys next year?  I probably will in hopes that it will surprise us with the much needed production changes necessary.  After all this show has been around much longer than the likes of Kanye West and hopefully long after he is gone.