WASHINGTON D.C.—Basketball player Greg Anthony, 47, has been suspended by CBS since his arrest on pending charges for soliciting a prostitute on January 16.

Police reports have shown that Anthony’s arrest was part of an undercover prostitution operation. He was arrested in a DoubleTree Hotel room in Washington, D.C.

Anthony was released from custody on the same day of his arrest. A spokesperson for CBS announced, “Greg Anthony will not be working again for CBS this season. He has been suspended indefinitely.”

On Saturday, January 17, Anthony released the following statement. “With this lapse of judgment, I embarrassed many, including myself. I will work to regain the trust that I have lost, and the first step is saying that I am sorry.”

If convicted of the charges, Anthony could spend up to 90 days in jail. He worked as a game analyst for ESPN from 2002 to 2008.