HOLLYWOOD—There is a lot unfolding at the moment on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” The big news of the hour is the passing of Gregory, Finn and Chase’s father who died peacefully in his sleep. Finn was the one to discover his father’s body and it was an emotional moment. Have to admit, we are seeing some of the best work in a long time from Michael Easton. His ability to portray grief and rage with such subtle hints is amazing to watch on the small screen.

Finn is carefully balancing grief and his addiction at the same time. There is some friction between Finn and Liz, because she is concerned that he is on the verge of hitting a bender. Why? There was a liquor bottle on the counter when Liz stopped by, and it was obvious he had a few drinks. She tried to provide him support, but he was hearing none of it. This prompted Liz to ask Chase to pay his brother a visit.

Chase was there when Finn TRULY needed him the most and it was nice to see this side of Chase. There hasn’t been much emotional range from the character of Chase which the audience is starting to see now. It was vital because Chase and Brook Lynn were just about to head on their honeymoon and this death changes everything. It is about to test Brook Lynn and Chase in a way they have never been before.

With that said, I’m starting to wonder if the writers are considering the possible return of Violet’s mother, Hayden Barnes. We have NOT seen her in quite some time and let’s be honest, Violet needs her mother right now and Liz needs her sister whether she admits it or not. The writers should totally consider this if not already in the works.

In other Port Charles news, and trust me there is plenty, Kristina Davis has finally seen the light when it comes to her father, Sonny Corinthos. Sonny beating Dex to a pulp frightened Kristina, for the first time ever she was scared of her father, and I must admit, I have finally accepted Kate Mansi as the new Kristina and the level of range she is bringing to the character is amazing. I was worried this incident might lead to complications with Kristina’s pregnancy, but not quite. Blaze is worried about Kristina, but so are Michael and Dante.

Dante dropped the hammer on his father letting him know he cannot turn a blind eye to his behavior anymore. Sonny was broken about that and spoke to Michael who reached out to Dex to see if he would press assault charges against Sonny. The answer to that question is simple: no, but people are over Sonny and his antics. Hello, considering that Jason, Carly and Ava all know Sonny’s meds have been tampered with, why are they NOT trying to fill his prescription with the proper dosage to tamper his spirals.

Anna and Laura are aware of Sonny’s antics and finally think it might be time to tame the mobster and his threats of violence against others. Brennan has found a way to General Hospital and this has Anna worried who suspects her enemy is up to no good and utilizing Carly in the process. Carly being Carly is falling right into the trap and giving information to Brennan she should not, just as more speculation is rising that Ava Jerome might be entangled in Pikeman some sort of way. Do I buy that? No, but if it were to transpire, it does make sense, but the WHY is the element missing for me.

Speaking of Ava, she may have just made an enemy that she cannot afford in Alexis Davis. Yes, Alexis learned during her hearing that Fergus Byrne was not the only person that alleged a complaint against her when it comes to her law license, Ava Jerome did as well. Now, that was a welcome twist the “GH” writers delivered that I did NOT expect from a million miles away, but I loved every moment of it. It sets the stage for Alexis to have some serious leverage against Ava.

Why? Sonny and Alexis share a daughter, Kristina, and Kristina’s relationship with Sonny is delicate right now, who can barter a fix: Alexis. Which means she could really deliver a knockout punch to Ava that she will not see coming from a million miles away. With the way things are unfolding, Ava is making more enemies than allies and that is not going to help her in the long run. May Sweeps weren’t explosive, but they were solid on “GH” and there is only more to come in the weeks ahead.