UNITED STATES—Instagram is fast-becoming the biggest, best, and most revered social media platform of all.  Currently, the ‘Gram has over 1 billion active monthly users across the globe.  As well as those 1 billion users, there are over 200 million businesses harnessing the power of Instagram to reach their audience and ultimately, increase their bottom line.  Of course, Instagram isn’t just reserved for individuals and brands.  Social media Influencers were born on the platform!  As of 2022, there are approximately 500,000 active and esteemed Influencers on Instagram.  When you compare that figure to the 1 billion users, there’s definitely opportunity for budding Influencers to grow – but it’s not easy.  Neither is it easy for businesses and brands.

What Are The Ingredients Needed To Grow Instagram Presence?

To grow an Instagram account, you need creativity, a genuine point of difference, to be as unique as possible, an authority in your area of influence and a visibly active account.  According to Bloomberg, 86% of young Americans want to become Influencers, and it will continue to be it a crowded marketplace (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-05/becoming-an-influencer-embraced-by-86-of-young-americans).  That said, for many businesses, brands and Influencers, it’s getting harder to gain new Instagram followers using traditional routes.  With so many users on the platform, vying to appear at the top of people’s newsfeeds isn’t easy and it’s even harder to reach the holy grail of the Explore page.  So if you’re starting your Influencing career or perhaps you’re an established Influencer wishing to grow further or maybe you’re a business looking to improve your social media presence and increase awareness – what can you do?

Growing An Instagram Audience but Not Getting Engagement?

Apart from having an effective social media marketing strategy covering all online channels, how else do you grow your following?  Of course, you need to know your audience using social demographics and insights.  You also must post captivating content, that resonates with your audience and is instantly recognizable as your brand.  Noteworthy captions and Instagram hashtags are vital, to get your point across and so is mixing up your Instagram content, to include video, IGTV, Reels, Stories and static posts.  Understanding when your audience is most likely to be online makes a difference to your post reach as does staying ahead of the competition.  Those are a few of the essential elements needed for a successful social media marketing campaign, but what do you do when you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still not getting the engagement you want?

New Technology Targeting The Right Instagram Users

The answer to that is 1394ta. A new, targeted Instagram marketing service that delivers what you’re looking for,

Instagram marketing services don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to be effective and reputable.  There are countless “companies” online, promising to grow social media presence by providing “real” Instagram followers, likes and views.  The issue is that almost every one of these so-called “companies” don’t supply authentic Instagram users.  Until 1394ta.  This Instagram marketing business solely focusses on Instagram, and it uses specialist (secret) technology to build its databases of Instagram users.  So when a business places an order, let’s say it’s for new Instagram followers, it gets the perfect match to its audience.  Additionally, it’s good to know that 1394ta carefully vets all of its users and conducts extensive, far-reaching market research to gather its critical data.  Then it categorizes its users into various “boxes”, to include age, location, gender, education, salary, job-title, hobbies etc.  All of 1394ta’s users signed up to their databases must be active and have a decent following.  No fakes, bots or spam accounts are allowed and that means there’s no Instagram violation.

Over the past year, 1394ta’s client list has grown extensively and now features big brands, notable businesses and Influencers.  When these types of Instagram accounts notice a drop-off in followers or they need a boost, they turn to 1394ta to supply exactly what they need.  All users are selected because they should engage with a business they’re matched to, it’s highly technical and uses a completely bespoke system that 1394ta wouldn’t discuss in detail.

1394ta – Services

The services offered include the ability to buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes and Instagram views and there are various packages involved.  For start-ups, 1394ta’s service has proven invaluable because rather than spending huge amounts of time trying to leverage their social media presence, they get an instant boost to their Instagram accounts and that allows them to spend more time on other critical business-areas.

Navigating the complexities of Instagram for any business, brand or Influencer is difficult enough, especially as the social media platform keeps adding exciting new features and growing its own following.  Staying ahead of the game is the key to social media success but it’s almost impossible to remain relevant if you don’t have the followers.  1394ta is a game-changer, for Instagram users but it’s also helping Instagram grow too.