UNITED STATES—A gunman at a Make America Great Again rally on Thursday, October 17 was taken into custody outside the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. According to reports, the unidentified suspect was wearing body armor, a helmet and a backpack near Kurdish protestors who were against the withdrawal of troops from Syria.

Officials from the Dallas Police Department discovered the suspect at approximately 6:30 p.m. Authorities confiscated a gun, and an aerosol can from the suspect who was later taken to an area hospital to be evaluated. The DPD confirmed that the man arrested had a license to carry.

The Oath Keepers were in attendance at the event showing support for President Donald from hate groups and protesters such as Antifa.

Infowars founder Alex Jones attended the rally with a bullhorn, on top of a Hummer style armored vehicle and yelled through a bullhorn:  “President Trump is the best President that ever lived.”

He shouted, “You are not going to assassinate our President like to did JFK in Dallas 56 years ago.”

There is no information linking a connection between the gunman who wore an Infowars T-Shirt and the Infowars founder, Alex Jones.