HOLLYWOOD─Did Jim Cryer actually take out Benny Young with that call he made at the end of last week’s “The Haves and the Have Nots?” Of course not, but the audience was forced to believe so. This week’s episode, ‘A Change of Heart’ saw Jim endure Hanna’s wrath as she suspected her dear son to be a goner. This guy is a tool, and he is like Veronica Harrington, I cannot WAIT till his day comes. Mitch and his Malone family came to Benny’s rescue, and it looks like Jim’s goon was powerless to say the least.

Mitch was livid with Sandy who refused to give Benny a ride because of the color of his skin. Does it suck? Yes, but at least Perry is willing to tackle an issue that so many people want to sweep under the rug. Jeffery was still being teased by a nude Madison, where it became clear that Madison wanted Jeffrey to pounce on him. At least the two finally gave into temptation. Hanna returned home ready to lose her mind worried sick about Benny’s condition and whereabouts. She contacted the police to report Benny’s kidnapping, oh, and a whole mess of chaos is about to erupt.

Katheryn called Hanna from jail, and our holy one spilled all the tea about Benny, just as he entered the home. She was adamant about Candace giving that money back, but Katheryn wanted her to see her about becoming a trust to her empire. Benny did not want Candace to return that money, but Mitch and Candace warned the fiery one to think before he acts. This is just plain stupid; who the hell is letting Benny who was near death run things? Hanna was livid to learn Candace and Benny ran off on her.

Really? Why the hell are we still circling this lackluster and boring tale about Charles and this senator who only wants an angle in his cabinet as the Attorney General? I’m sorry, but I changed the channel, as I’m over this tale already. Jim received a visit from Celine, who threatened to take him to court for not paying his child support. He pushed Celine’s buttons, and she resorted to aligning with Veronica to get her vengeance.

Justin found himself being accosted by Veronica’s goons yet again. He begged for mercy, and even delivered cash as a bargaining tool. So it seems Veronica still is not done punishing Justin for slapping her. Landon presented news content to Charles to let it be known he has worked his magic to rehab Candace’s image. Katheryn was becoming claustrophobic as a result of being locked up.

Wyatt apologized for his actions, but dear ole mom did not want to hear a single thing he had to say. She refused to help him, well it’s about time, the only way to teach Wyatt a lesson is to force him to face the consequences of his actions. Justin paid Veronica a visit asking for her solace in this brewing war, and Veronica loved toying with the former cop. Justin threatened suicide, but the Ice Queen refused to show any emotion whatsoever.

George paid David a visit, and Mr. Harrington finally did what he should have done a long time ago: betrayed Veronica Harrington. George was baffled by David’s admission. He had evidence of the gun that was used in Jennifer Sallison’s murder. George you have all the evidence sitting right in front of you, you need to utilize it. David threatened more leverage against Veronica and her many wicked misdeeds. David is no idiot; he wanted immunity for Veronica’s dirty little secrets.

Well, George was finally willing to play ball, I wonder how Veronica will react to this latest turn of events. The final moments of the episode gave David an eyeful as he walked in on Jeffery and Madison getting busy. Next week looks good, as Hanna learns she is about to become a power player, Jim learns what David is up to and Veronica and Celine begin to formulate their master plan. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!