HOLLYWOOD—The tease of what was expected to transpire in this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” had me counting the days until the episode aired. This week’s tale, ‘A Little Bird’ proves that the drama is ONLY intensifying on my guilty pleasure. Hanna came face-to-face with Jim in her home and he thought he would scare her, but she was not the least bit worried about Jim Cryer people.

Hanna made it clear that if Jim threatened to take her out, that her kids Benny and Candace would be beneficiaries to the assets that Katheryn placed in her name courtesy of her Power of Attorney. A threat for a threat, oh it was delicious TV. Jim does not like not being in power people. The name Lewis Miles came to the forefront and Jim started to issue threats to Don, Katheryn’s accountant if he did not get the money he wanted there would be consequences.

Katheryn is still locked behind bars and asked Kendrick for another phone call this time on behalf of the new female cellmate she met to help with her get back custody of her kids. Landon was not pleased that Oliver was ignoring his calls as he attempted to reach Charles to update him on Candace. Oliver found himself in the hot seat for attempting to utilize Gretchen to get to his heart. Charles can be a bit of an a** when he wants to be.

Someone please tell me what the hell is up with this massage therapist prying into Charles’ love-life. Something seems off about her America, it is way too obvious.  Don attempted to get Jim the funds he requested, but Hanna did not budge. Hanna then learned that Veronica Harrington of all people is in default on a $54 million loan for her rehabilitation facilities. Hanna made sure that a call was made to the Ice Queen so that loan is paid. Oh, this should be quite fun to witness people. Hanna is not messing around people. I like this side of her.

Candace did not want to talk about Charles, which opened the door for Mitch to confess to his bestie about his feelings for his sister. Oliver was disappointed his plan did not work, as he attempted to charm Gretchen for drinks. Benny was not happy to realize he is not the brightest bulb and he seemed annoyed. Let’s be clear, Benny does take a long time to connect the dots people.

So Tanner comes face-to-face with the Ice Queen who asked for his assistance to take care of Colby, and when Tanner saw that picture, he probably had flashbacks to getting his ass kicked. She wanted him to beat Colby to a pulp. Veronica shared how irritated she was with Colby, just as Tanner revealed he spotted Colby in Justin’s apartment, before a file was presented with a ton of evidence making Justin look worse than he ever expected. A partnership was formed and it seems the Ice Queen and Tanner are about to become a devious duo.

Landon found himself being threatened by Mitch and his constant harassment of Candace. Mitch revealed his love for Candace and it seemed to catch Landon offer guard. I can see Mitch and Candace playing this up so that Charles is not aware of her potential pregnancy. I’m guessing Mitch doesn’t know that Landon is gay or he is just egging him on. The bond between Benny and Candace is so heartwarming. Benny tread careful with your chase of Sandi’s real estate girlfriend, danger is lurking buddy.

The final moments of the episode culminated with Tanner placing a brutal beating on Justin after learning what he has been up to. Too bad Jeffery didn’t pick up Justin’s countless phone calls. Ok, next week looks fun as David tries to sleep with Hanna. Oh, whatever Hanna has planned for Mr. Harrington has to be a game changer people. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!