HOLLYWOOD—It was the moment fans of the hit Tyler Perry series “The Haves and the Have Nots” have eagerly waited for: Veronica Harrington receiving her comeuppance. The season five finale saw Justin, in a fury of rage crashing into Veronica’s vehicle, just as Melissa lost her marbles causing the vehicle to flip into the air and crashing on its head. So the question fans wanted to know for the season six premiere is rather Veronica and Melissa would survive, and if so to what degree?

Well the wait is over, ‘Afraid of Flames’ picked up right where last season ended, and the Ice Queen learned a valuable lesson: revenge is not so fun when you’re on the receiving end. Things kicked off with Justin helping Jeffrey out of his cell and treating him like a complete stranger before taking him to an interrogation room for a bit of smooching, but Jeffrey was not in the mood. It looks like a stalker situation, and Jeffrey might be in a situation that is not going to end well people. If only Jeffrey knew what Justin did to Veronica and Melissa and that little bundle of joy, good thing his suspicions are being raised.

Kathryn was a shoulder to lean on for Hanna who was still mourning the loss of Quincy Jr. Stubborn Hanna, as much as you love this character, I hate her sometimes. If she could just take the edge off a bit it would help her so much in accepting a good deed when it comes her way. Kathryn was overwhelmed with glee that Jim is falling on hard times. It was a hilarious moment, because for once Hanna shared a laugh, as did Kathryn who is serious about severing ties with Jim. Benny wanted to ask the Malone family for a loan, but Mitch was adamant it was not a good deal to say the least. Ugh, I can already see where this is headed, Benny and Mitch are about to fallout and before the season wraps we could see more blood spilled.

Well, Candace is up to her old tricks yet again, seducing men for money, but $1800 is a bit lower than her asking price, and she knows how to get what she wants without actually delivering. Her transaction was interrupted when Benny stopped by unexpectedly. The siblings quarreled, and per usual Benny attempted to bring the family back together, but scorned Candace refused to make amends. The fact that she even threatened her mother speaks wonders.

Kathryn and Jim bickered when he learned she cut off his credit cards, putting him in a place where he would be forced to fend for his own. He begged, like begged; Kathryn wanted a divorce, but Jim refused. Well, this is interesting, Quita Maxwell was spotted by Oscar on video attempting to utilize Wyatt’s debit card and found herself in the clutches of the cops. At long last, Wyatt divulged to Anna that a former priest molested him when he was a kid, and he shattered the walls that he built up for years. I knew when Wyatt saw that priest in the park it rattled him, but to hear that he was one of the people who molested him was disturbing to say the least. I wonder what Kathryn and Jim will do when they learn this news. Wyatt made moves on Anna and the two gave into temptation.

Erica was surprised when David brought her to his new home; David you’re moving a bit fast buddy, and you might want to pump the brakes considering Candace and Veronica might have sinister plans in play for you. She played hard to get of course, and why does my intuition tell me she plans to utilize Benny Young as her ‘ex.’ Things got messy when Jim unexpectedly stopped by David’s new home asking to borrow money. David is indeed a puppy dog to Jim. Looks like Benny is going to be caught up in the mix of David, Jim, Veronica and Mama Rose. Hmm, that might not be the wisest thing people; we know how ruthless Mama Rose can be, especially when her grandson Mitch is threatened.

Well, at long last, jeez we had to wait 58 minutes to find out what happened to Veronica and Melissa. That is an interesting development, Melissa escaped the car barely injured, but the Ice Queen was stuck in her seat belt, just as the gas intensified and flames ignited on the car. Will Melissa rescue the woman from hell, or let her burn to the core. Oh, season 6 is looking tantalizing to say the least, and it looks like the Ice Queen might finally face retribution for all her dirty sins. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!