HOLLYWOOD—We are ramping up the chaos and the drama on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Black Panther’ witnessed Jeffrey in panic mode after that reveal from Tanner that was not so true people. Jeffrey was rattled by Tanner’s news and confided in Madison about the bomb that Justin was HIV positive.

Madison posed all the right questions to force Jeffrey to realize he might be lying to him and he needs to get a test sooner or later to be sure. Madison dropped a bit of knowledge on Jeffrey about drugs that he is taking to prevent contraction of HIV. Jeffrey is wound up, whereas Madison was calmer about the situation helping his lover get a test. Benny and Candace found themselves staying at a dump of a hotel per Candace’s standards. Candace tried to instill some knowledge into her brother about treating women right and dressing the part to impress.

Mitch stopped by and it was apparent he was still smitten with Candace and learned Benny has a date, little does Mitch know its Brianna, Sandi’s ex. Just imagine if Mitch knew he could drop some information on Benny to steer clear of her. Benny was not ready to spend close to $2k for a suit, but it became apparent he needed to spend the dollars in order to get the girl. Wow, Benny was even flirting with the associate at the suit shop. This dude people, it was hilarious. Madison delivered the new to Jeffrey that he is not HIV positive. Madison confirmed what he suspected all along Tanner was lying to him. When Jeffrey revealed about getting that package from Tanner, Madison warned him not to accept anything. Candace was stunned to see Mitch in his undies, as he attempted to make a move on her, but she was not interested. So it’s apparent these two indeed had history.

He got a bit real in the conversation about Candace’s struggles and how Jim Cryer could chat with Mama Rose and things could potentially ugly. It did worry Candace to hear that news so that is a foreshadowing of potential danger to come people. Jeffrey received a call from Tanner who wanted Jeffrey to meet him instead of dropping them off to his home. The skepticism started to creep into Jeffrey’s mind and he was invited to the memorial. Bad idea Jeffrey you are indeed being played, just as Madison warned Jeffrey not to indulge as things seem completely off.

Madison was called into work, and threw a dig at Jeffrey not having a job. Madison paid Wyatt a visit who was still finagling to try to get pain meds. Wyatt is desperate people; I mean he is flirting with any and everything that comes into his hospital room. Benny met Brianna at a fancy restaurant to sign papers on his home. Benny continued to make moves, but Brianna continued to resist people. She shared a bit about her relationship woes, but not a ton, as the flirting between the two continued.

Things got crazy when Sandi unexpectedly arrived to the date, and Benny was not happy to witness the level of disrespect. It was apparent that Benny knew Sandi was Mitch’s brother and that he had a bit of rage about Brianna having an abortion. Benny’s temper flared up and he chose to smash a bottle over Sandi’s head. Oh, this tussle is about to cause fireworks like crazy, as Mitch is forced to choose between family and his bestie. This episode was a bit slow, but next week’s looks epic, Benny is in major trouble, Mitch is putting out fires, Jim battles with Veronica and Celine, Madison is in Wyatt’s crosshairs and Jeffrey meets Tanner again. Gosh, why can’t ‘Temptation Tuesday’ be the entire week! Until next week “HAHN” die-hards!