HOLLYWOOD—Last week Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended on a climatic note with David beating Jim Cryer to a pulp thinking he had Veronica killed (that was his plan), but Veronica ensured that Maggie took bullets that were intended for her.

This week’s episode ‘Criminology 101’ saw Veronica bask in victory as it became apparent husband and wife were about to go toe-to-toe for power. The episode opened with Jeffrey continuing to woe Officer Justin to get leverage against his mother. He even went as far to utilize his body to tempt Officer Justin, who refused to acknowledge his sexuality. Wow, this is crazy, Jeffrey is indeed a devious character to say the least. Looks like Officer Justin gave into temptation to Jeffrey’s advances.

David was stunned to realize that Veronica was being questioned by police regarding the murder of Maggie Day. He was indeed at a loss for words people, and looked quite stupid to say the least. Jeffrey kept Officer Justin handcuffed to the bed after they did the dirty deed and taunted his new love toy. Veronica gave an Oscar-caliber performance to the authorities describing what transpired resulting in Maggie’s fatal shooting. Wow, Oscar revealed a bombshell that Jim called off the hit against Veronica, which means someone else wanted Veronica dead. Now, who in the hell could have pulled those strings? Was it Candace, Wyatt, Jeffrey, Quincy? I will be eager to figure this twist out.

Veronica gloated to David about taking out Maggie, which left him unnerved. Benny updated Hanna regarding Candace’s refusal to allow her to have custody of Quincy Jr. Why Hanna was so shocked that Candace wouldn’t allow her to have custody of her son baffles me? Hanna learned that Quincy Jr. was not at Candace’s home, leaving Hanna in an uproar.

She contacted the social worker to get a status update on where her grandson was and unleashed wholly hell, when she learned her grandson was in temporary foster care. Candace is lowdown and dirty, to place her own child in foster care than to allow her own family to take care of him? Hanna was livid, and wanted to see her daughter immediately. Benny you should be just as pissed as your mother; stop sticking up for your sister.

Back at the Sarandon Hotel, Jeffrey ran into Landon who was a bit frightened about Candace. Landon revealed to Jeffrey that Candace was looking to get the scoop on Oscar. He revealed that Candace threatened his life, which didn’t surprise Jeffrey one bit. The former lovers discussed the relationship between David and Maggie, and Landon came onto Jeffery, which caused Jeffrey to dismiss his former lover. Wow, Jeffrey spotted Officer Justin while chatting with Landon.

Both were stunned to discover that Maggie was fatally shot at Veronica’s residence. It left Landon rattled. Wow, things are crazy, as authorities discussed the condition of Wyatt’s overdose. Stop leaving us in suspense, is Wyatt dead or is he alive? Jennifer was worried when she received a call about Wyatt’s latest predicament. Back at the Cryer residence Katheryn was a complete mess as she worried about Wyatt, and ventured into Amanda’s bedroom. Hanna received a call from Katheryn, but chose not to answer, but after a second dial she answered.

Katheryn did her best to converse to her former employee, and Hanna was rude and abrupt to her former boss. When she alerted Hanna that she was concerned about Wyatt, it did catch her attention. So Hanna does still have a heart, in the midst of all this chaos. Gosh, I’m so happy to see these two ladies bonding at a time when they both need one another. Katheryn seems to be foreshadowing the worse, which I fear is about to happen any minute now.

Veronica and David chatted regarding who had a hit out on her. David was surprised that his own wife murdered a woman. It later became apparent to David that Veronica set the whole thing up, and he served her with divorce papers. That left the great Ice Queen shattered, checkmate Veronica, you reap what you sew, looks like your husband is finally done with your games. Hmm, so quiet Veronica why not say anything? Damn, David is not playing around; he dragged his wife out the car to prove his point. Veronica you’re making way too many enemies.

The final moments of the episode saw Jennifer come face-to-face with Wyatt’s body, and got confirmation that he is indeed dead. Next week’s episode looks heartbreaking people, as another Cryer bites the dust. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!